Peter Iliyn

Peter was born in Paraguay, South America, to parents who came from Russia.  Raised to speak the Russian language, Peter has been able to cross barriers throughout the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe with his ministry.  Trained as an electrical engineer, Peter joined Youth With A Mission in 1976. Peter married Luba in November, 1980 and they became the Salem YWAM base leaders in 1982. 

Having a very strong call to Russia and the Slavic world, Peter and Luba traveled as missionary evangelists and teachers throughout Russia and Eastern Europe during the next years.  As of today, they have traveled to over 80 countries of the world.

Peter's background also includes God's sovereign intervention in his family, going back to his grandfather, who was miraculously led out of Russia by God after the Bolsheviks seized power in the 1917 revolution.

Currently Peter is the North American Director for Youth With A Mission and represents YWAM Associates on YWAM's GLT (Global Leadership Team) . Peter and his wife Luba have four children and live in Jefferson, Oregon