Renewal Gatherings -

Renewal Gatherings provide a YWAM environment, usually in a good quality summertime holiday setting where God's presence is evident, and where ministry is offered by those who teach in the mission. - Offer opportunity for each person to listen to God's voice, to be renewed, refreshed, revived and reunited with friends in a familiar setting. - Give children and those who have not experienced YWAM, a taste of the mission. - In conjunction with YWAM bases, run Day Gatherings, in the cooler months.

A Few Comments on the Gatherings

. . . . . . We have come home feeling very blessed and grateful that we went to camp and heard exactly what we needed and more. It's like we've come home new people. - Renewal Gathering, New Zealand

. . . We had no high expectations for the Camp, but soon discovered that God had something special in mind. With tears, we found reconciliation and restoration. This was a very powerful moment which clearly healed old wounds. We wish others had been there to witness this. - Renewal Gathering, Sweden

. . . We would love to be coming to camp this year, but the last one worked too well! We are off to do a Crossroads DTS in Perth - just thought you might like to know what an influence the camp has had on our lives. - Renewal Gathering, New Zealand

je suis arrivé à 12heures chez moi et j'ose dire celà à été mes meilleures vacances de ma vie
le seigneur ma vraiment renouvellé et je suis plein de joie
merci pour toute votre organisation que ce soit avant ou pendant le camp merci

mais la gloire revient à notre créateur merci pour tout ses moment précieux passé dans la présence de Dieu ou avec mes soeurs ou frères a bientôt

I arrived home at 12 o'clock and I must say that was the best holiday of my life.
The Lord really renewed me and I am full of joy.
Thank you for the organisation, before and during the camp.

The glory belongs to our creator. Thank you for all these precious moments spent in the presence of God and with my brothers and sisters. -Renewal Gathering, August 2010, La Bessonnaz Switzerland