From YWAM to Politics

In 1993 I went on the greatest adventure of my life. I began a journey of seeing God in a totally different way and experiencing Him like never before. I took my DTS in Taipei, Taiwan. It was an amazing time and I continued to work with YWAM on several different bases until about a
year ago.

Last March I entered a time that I never imagined would happen. I felt quite alone and abandoned. When I got through the haze I realized that God was just continuing my "journey". You see, my life in YWAM was so "life changing" and yet it had also become way too comfortable. I had lost touch with what I was really involved in missions for.

God called me to a year out of YWAM, and yet I was to stay in New Zealand, the country where I had been serving. The year was full of many interesting things, I finally realized why so many that step out of YWAM in a full time capacity feel a bit lost and confused. And that´s when God began to chisel away at what I that he could plant in me what He wanted me
to know!

At the end of my "sabbatical" with God (which ended in January) I realized that I needed to come back to the States for a time. At first I thought it would just be a good break from missions, a type of extended furlough, but as I prepared to leave New Zealand I realized it was a bit more than that.
God was calling me to bring closure to my time there. I couldn´t imagine what I would do if I didn´t have at least a piece of it to hold on to! But I was obedient and brought all the closure I could!

I came home to South Dakota to help my father on his campaign for US Congress. It wasn´t until the week before I left for United States that I realized what God was doing. Throughout my time in YWAM I spent a lot of time hearing the teachings of the mind molders. I was always so
inspired by how we could influence nations through the 7 areas of influence. As I looked at it, I realized that this is what I was doing. God had called me out of what I viewed as "missions" into a whole new arena of missions.

I have always said that my faith in God is not something I put on in some areas and take off in others (or better put, there is no separation between sacred and secular), but for the first time I´m seeing it in action. I´m totally submerged in a life that is not all that godly, but I´m no different.

Learning to abide in Him down this campaign trail. Learning how to rest in Him in the midst of a chaotic storm! Learning that I have not changed lives (from working full time for God to working for someone else). I have the same "call" on my life and that is to reflect the Glory of God through my life to those around me.

We are able to make a difference in our nations whether we are at a YWAM base or not. We are able to influence society through the skills that we have and the workplace God has put us in. Be bold about what God has given you to do and know that He will use you to be a history maker!

Heather Hunt