ANNOUNCEMENT: Fewer Credits Required for University of the Nations Degrees
There has been an important change in our Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees.

Our recent decision was to lower the number of credits needed for an Associate of Arts degree from 96, which it had been for 25 years, down to 84.  As the number of credits necessary for certain degrees has been reduced in many nations, we are now more in line with other University systems.

Since most of the courses that make up the UofN are 12 weeks long, one can now complete an Associate’s degree in seven quarters instead of eight.  Of course, the different courses must be in a related field of study.

For example, if a person has successfully completed a full DTS plus outreach (24 credits), an Introduction to Biblical Counseling school plus outreach (24 credits), a Methods and Models of Biblical Counseling school plus outreach (24 credits), they can then after completing only one more school (12 credits) receive an Associate’s degree!

In checking into our International Records database, we have seen that about 4,000 people have already completed several of our schools.  Many of them could already be soon qualified for a university degree, if their schools fit into a degree track.  

Our new 2011-2013 University of the Nations catalog (now available on shows many examples of possible AA degrees.

More information and specific planning forms can be obtained by writing to the specific College at this website:
Tom Bloomer, International Provost