June 2008: Refusing Help

For the second month in a row we greet you with, "Mingalarbar!" from the once and Golden Land of Myanmar, the land whose leaders refused help. More on that later . . .

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1. Matters that Matter - Refusing Help

2. Profound & Pithy - 4X2

3. A Potpourri from the eTouch Boutique

4. Donna's Corner - Forced Rest

5. Renewal Gatherings - 'Israel 2009' & More

1. Matters that Matter - Refusing Help

We all need help in some corner of our lives. Nations too, sometimes need help.

During recent weeks we've all sadly and helplessly watched the unfolding drama of that devastating and dreadful cyclone called 'Nargis' that battered Myanmar (Burma) in early May. And we've been horrified by what followed: the agonizing news that gradually trickled out of 'The Golden Land'; the icy cold proclamation, "No Help Wanted!" that went out to the whole world. This rejection of relief came as a slap in the face to the many nations and aid organizations and the multitudes of trained individuals that stood ready to rush in and save lives.

The brutal brunt of Nargis was taken by the millions of mostly-gentle and industrious farmers and fishermen of the fertile Irrawaddy River delta. It was there that the 135 mph winds that Nargis packed brought the storm surge and resulting flood damage; the greatest loss of life was there in the delta - well over 100,000 souls - dead or missing. The merciless and isolationist military junta that rules the nation, refusing all early and vital assistance, has only in recent days opened the door a crack to allow aid to dribble in.

I could almost hear a sigh of relief coming from the leaders of Myanmar when that awful earthquake shook China a few days after Cyclone Nargis had wreaked its havoc. It was like the junta generals were thinking, "Now they'll leave us alone." To some extent that happened - the world's attention turned to the plight of the Chinese.

All that to say this: a lot of us as individuals are like those leaders in Myanmar. When the cruel and bitter storms of life come and batter us and hurt us, leaving us with inner scabs that never seem to heal; and even when help is at hand, we so often hang out a sign that quite rudely seems to say, "Get out of my face; I don't need your help."

For many years I had nurtured a 'shell' around myself; it was my protection and it discouraged anyone from getting too close to me - and that included Donna during the first years of our marriage. From the time I was 11, I had lived away from home and as I grew up I developed a thick layer of independence - it was like a shield that had this inscription on it, "You can come this close; but no closer!"

Being independent at such an early age had led me to believe that I was totally self-sufficient and really didn't need anyone else. I could do just about anything - from flying an airplane to sewing on a button - and a lot of other things in between. To 'need' someone seemed to me to be an admission of weakness. A good motto for me would have been, "I can do all things," (conveniently omitting the rest of Paul's statement, "through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:13)

For the first years of our marriage, I found it easy to say, "I love you," to Donna; but I would never have even dreamed of saying, "I need you." That would be an admission of incompleteness on my part, that there was something lacking in me. What pride! Finally I came face to face with this issue in my life and it took some humbling to get me started on the journey to the place of recognizing my need of others - and then living in that constant neediness. I'm still on that journey. Paul writes to us about the body - the feet and the hands, the ears and the eyes - the parts of the body that so need each other in order to function. (1 Corinthians 12)

We can have any number of issues in our lives and deep down, we know they need fixing; and even though help comes knocking at the door with answers for any of life's challenges, we slam that door shut. Why do we do this? What are the cyclones and issues of life? Some of them will be . . .

. . . Deep wounding from cruel treatment by others; life's injustices; rejection; unforgiveness . . . we have defenses and excuses for all of these and more. Some of us even live in denial that anything is wrong - that really, the storms of life just blow right over the top of us and don't bother us at all. But if we're honest, those storms often leave festering pain and deep suffering in their wake. Stuff we like to stuff.

The good news is that there's help. But first there must be the willingness to admit that help is needed. That may take a bit of wrestling with God over. Then find a trusted pastor or mature friend to pray things through with you. Some may need a trained counselor - just as the people of Myanmar need trained relief workers.

Once the need is recognized, the only thing stopping help and healing from flooding in is pride. And pride is only defeated by humility.

If only the Burmese Generals had humility.

Till next time - be blessed,


2. Profound & Pithy - 4X2

The four blessed 'Looks':

1. Look back and thank God.
2. Look forward and trust God.
3. Look around and serve God.
4. Look within and find God!

To which I would add four more 'Looks' found in my Grandfather's Bible:

1. Look into the Scriptures (James 1:25) 2. Look unto Jesus (Hebrews 12:2) 3. Look on the fields (John 4:35) 4. Look for His coming (Titus 2:13)

3. A Potpourri from the eTouch Boutique

YWAM Associates 'StaffLink', Sept 14-19, Switzerland Many who have been serving full and part time with us from all around the world, met together in Kona at our first StaffLink in 2002. It's time to gather again and to share the 'wealth of our experience' and the 'riches of our relationships' with each other. We especially need wisdom and understanding on how to reach, network, disciple and encourage 18-40 year-olds who are out there in the spheres of society. If God nudges you about this, contact our host, Roy Jones for details at montcherand@gmail.com
From the Heart
Today I prayed that God would remind me that he answers prayer, and then I read your 'Mother-letter' in May's eTouch. I remember lying on my floor-mat in Madras during my DTS, too sick to attend meetings. God spoke to me about my father and showed me the love he'd given me, but that I'd not perceived nor understood. I wrote him a letter asking for forgiveness and prayed that God would have my father send me a reply before Christmas. Mail in the 80's was a slow process and my dad was not known for sharing his heart - or for writing letters. On Dec 24th we were enjoying an early Christmas lunch when I was handed a letter from my dad. I still have it, still treasure it and yes, God does answer prayer. My dad is 87, and it is now my privilege and my joy to look after him - the result of two letters, both written from the heart. Debbie Zanetti, Australia
And then there were five . . .
New Zealand's elections come up later this year. Six men who've been in YWAM were running for election: Larry Baldock, Bernie Ogilvy, Frank Naea, Kevin Stitt and Jesse Misa, all with the Kiwi Party. Monte Ohia was a candidate for the Maori Party, but he suddenly passed away on June 12th of a massive heart attack. Monte was YWAM Auckland's director for a time and he also spearheaded the World Christian Gathering of Indigenous Peoples. He leaves behind his lovely wife Linda and grown children. One friend's remembrance of Monte . . . "To me, he was a humble tribal man possessed with big visions and an extraordinary tribal hope for all Indigenous people." Pastor Raymond Minniecon, Australia
Remembering . . .
http://ywam-memorial.org/w is the new and very tasteful website dedicated to those who have served in YWAM and passed on to a better place. Join and create a memorial page for a relative or friend of yours. Steve & Marie Goode have put a lot of work into this project and we all need to get behind this beautiful expression of love and appreciation for those who gave part of their lives to God through the mission.
A Fireside Chat with Fathers of the Faith Thanks to Kona YWAM Associates Dave & Tom Buehring who produced and directed this project. You can sit in on the three-day 'chat' - just filmed with 200 invited guests at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, North Carolina. Loren Cunningham, Jack Hayford, Robert Schuller & Winkie Pratney are some of the fathers of the faith. DVDs of this historic gathering will be available. Go to www.lionshare.org - and open the bar that says 'A Fireside Chat . . .'
Here's a great way to fight world hunger; help your kids ward off 'Summer Brain Drain' and enjoy it yourself. It's a fun multiple-choice word game. For each correct answer, advertisers will donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.
"I donated 800 grains of rice in just a few minutes," says Diane Williams, India http://freerice.com/
Letter from a DTS leader to students soon after they got home . . .
"Now we're all home: friends, parties, etc. We are not in the DTS bubble anymore. For some it may be a battle, and being blunt, falling back into old habits - allow God to work on them; don't shut down and condemn yourself; he has brought it up, he's telling each of us that this is what he wants to work on. Let's keep TRUSTING in him. As I felt this way myself and was being attacked, God said for me to lift all you guys up in prayer which I have been doing, and will keep doing; he wants to refine us in our OWN environment. Quiet times are so important . . . God will honor your obedience, remember he knows we're human and he knows our battles; he sees and knows our hearts. You are not a failure! Put into practice what you have learnt. He loves us so much! Remember that." Love, George Joukador, Australia
Ed (your Editor) has a fan in Finland! . . .
"i just wanted to thank u for ur emails that i have been receiving for a while now. i find them really encouraging and funny too. i especially like what peter writes."
Katriina Applegate, Finland, who married into the famous Kiwi Applegate family.

4. Donna's Corner - Forced Rest

Dear Family,

Thank you for your prayers and emails since I have been sick. Peter said he's never seen me so ill since I came into the mission. I had no pain, just fever, cough and severe weakness. All I could hear God say was, "REST! - and hide under My wing." He continues to say that, and I'm listening to Him in detail, and He's restoring my strength; but it's so important, that even as I'm getting stronger, will I still listen to Him and walk in obedience?

I believe this time of 'forced rest' was a discipline because of God's love for me. He disciplines those He loves (Hebrews 12:1-12), but He disciplines in love. He wanted quality time with me because I'm His daughter and getting prepared to be His bride. My friends and family have been used by God to bless me during this time. They also want the best for me. Isn't the family wonderful when we walk together in obedience?

I could go on and on with ways that God has blessed me during this time, but the most wonderful part of this discipline, is hearing God's heart and having intimate fellowship with Him; there was so much He wanted to share with me.

He wants to have fellowship with you too, and He wants us to have fellowship with each other. True fellowship is when we take time to share our hearts with each other; and when we listen to each other; it's when we share genuine concern about one another's spiritual well-being; and when we encourage each other, speaking the truth in love. Trust is restored, when we hear each other's hearts.

When we walk in the light and the love of His presence, we can have true fellowship with one another (1John 1:3-7). Yes, and we must walk in forgiveness towards each other so that broken trust can be restored; it's God who sees our hearts.

Could it be that God disciplines us until we learn to discipline ourselves under His Spirit's leading?

When God disciplines you, always remember it's because you are His son or daughter, and He loves you and wants the best for you. Don't run from Him; run to Him; don't react, but respond to him, "Yes Lord, I love you and I trust you."

This is my prayer for you:

"May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you . . ." (2 Cor 13:10)

Love and Blessings,


5. Renewal Gatherings - Pray now about Israel 2009

Coming up quickly . . .

Europe 2008: get in touch with Roy Jones via the contact page at www.intouchcamps.com for full details on all European Camps.

July 6-12, Norway's double dip . . .

*Grimerud, Speaker Dan Sneed - with Peter & Donna Jordan
(Contact Lidvard Andreasson directly: Lidvard@online.no)
*Land of the Midnight Sun Camp, Borgen, Speaker Al Akimoff
July 13-19, Restenas, Sweden, speakers Derek and Trich Dodd, YWAM Ireland
Aug 2-9, Paris, France, speakers Jeff & Romkje Fountain, YWAM Europe leaders
Aug 24-30, Chatel, Switzerland - Camp Full (try one of the Camps listed above)
Sep 26-28, Franklin, NC right by the Smoky Mountains; speakers Bob & Kelly Parr Contact Dave McPherson: ywamassociatesus@aol.com
Jan 11-17, near Sydney, Australia with Jeff & Diane Littleton, "Father Heart of God"
Contact: Peter West westfolk@ozemail.com.au
Mar 8-14, Israel; with David Demian of Watchmen for the Nations, Canada; and with Peter & Donna Jordan
Info: e-mail Roy Jones for details via the Contact Page at www.intouchcamps.com


A parting thought from Malcolm Muggeridge

"God has mercifully made our fantasies - the pursuit of power, of sensual satisfaction, of money, of learning, of celebrity, of happiness - so preposterously unrewarding that we are forced to turn to him for reality, for help and mercy."

Many Blessings,


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