Greetings John,

Thank you for writing. Actually, we believe the numbers we cited in our eTouch are article are supportable. Certainly when we're dealing with nations where information is difficult
to validate we have to be careful. In this case we tried not rely on our own judgments but on ‘first rung’ sources we feel we can trust. Here are few examples:

Jim Rutz has written a remarkable book titled "Megashift." The book is not without detractors but here's a link to a review;
While I personally don't buy 100% of Rutz's conclusions, I do generally trust the numbers he uses to draw them.

Another source I used is GMO saw 15.5 million decisions for Jesus in 2010. Explore their fascinating site. They were founded by a partnership between Campus Crusade and a group of internet experts from California.

Steve Douglas, the president of Campus Crusade, has documented the evangelism results of their ‘Jesus Film.’ You can read details at their site Quite stunning.

In regards to China: the estimates came as a composite estimate of experts. One is Brother Peter Xu Yongze, known by many as the Father of the “Back To Jerusalem” Movement. We heard recently directly Brother Xu of his great trials and the remarkable growth of the Faith in China. 150 million is a supportable estimate number of Christians in China.

Your caution is well taken however. We do indeed need to be careful about throwing around statistics. And there are always two sides to every use of numbers. We do believe that the
light is shining around the world and at the same time we face mounting challenges On Easter for instance there was a major clamp down on Christian leaders in China. While the light is lighter, the darkness is darker.

Mark Herringshaw