August 2009: How Swift is Your Serve?

Yia sou!
Our greeting this time comes from the land where Paul made tents, where Yanni was born, where YWAM's M/V ANASTASIS lay anchored for four long years and where the 2004 Summer Olympics were held. Hands up everyone who knows it's Greece.

Peter Jordan, Editor

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1. Sheep2Sheep - How Swift is Your Serve?

2. Profound & Pithy - Code of Good Practice

3. The Boutique - Something Happy; Some Things Sad

4. Donna's Corner - A Letter to the Family

5. Renewal Gatherings - Germany in June, Anyone?


 1. Sheep2Sheep - How Swift is Your Serve?

A friend of ours, a former YWAMer, was widowed last year. Even through the terrible months that her husband was desperately sick, she continued with 24/7, 100% care for her husband's totally incapacitated father; she had provided this loving service for 12 years.

To this day she does EVERYTHING for her father-in-law, with no help from his family. This is a person with a full-on servant-heart, spiced with a large seasoning of mercy.

Paul writes to us about seven qualities - or grace-gifts - that are built into every human being (Rom 12:6-8). Every one of us has strengths (and weaknesses) among the seven. These 'graces' - let's call them 'gifts' - are from God and become part of who we are from the time that, "God wove us in our mother's womb," if not earlier (Ps 139:13).

We are strongly marked for life with one or two or maybe even three of these gifts to varying degrees, and we need to recognize them and cultivate them in our lives. Those gifts in which we are weak, we should seek to grow stronger. But generally, whatever we see and do in life will be seen and done through our own pair of 'gift-colored' glasses. 'Mercy-tinted' glasses, 'teacher-tinted' glasses and so on.

The seven gifts that Paul lists are: prophecy, serving, teaching, encouraging, giving, leading and mercy.

And these gifts are just as active in unbelievers as they are in followers of Jesus. Take the gift of mercy and witness the mercy-heart of many secular adoption agencies; of those who take serious measures to feed the starving; and others who care fiercely about the plight of stranded whales. Each is principally driven by mercy.

Some people dub these graces 'motivational' gifts; these qualities, built into all of us, are God-given and designed to help us to be all that our Creator made us to be. No one can be strong in all seven of these 'life-motivating' forces; usually one's strong gift will stand out and other gifts will have lesser significance in our life.

Take the gift of serving, second in Paul's list, the gift in which our dear friend the widow, absolutely shines. Wouldn't you think that Paul should have placed serving down near the bottom of the list? Good grief - servants ahead of teachers? Servants belong below, don't they?

Well yes, they do; a true servant's attitude is to place him or herself, below; to be a servant to others. This person has built-in 'need-radar' - and will spot and fill a need - immediately. Need a ride home? At your service! Someone crying? A tissue magically appears. See an overworked and overwhelmed mother? I'll clean your house. Does the preacher's throat sound raspy? A glass of water appears in his hand before most people even discern the need.

Servants show love by meeting practical needs, and in so doing it is easy for others to look down on them and even question their motives; or too late, say to themselves, "Why didn't I think of that?"

Do servant-hearted people have weaknesses? Of course! They may have a tendency to feel under-appreciated; or to be critical of others who don't see needs all around them; or to be easily offended. We think of a 'minister' as someone 'up there.' The word 'minister' in the Old and New Testaments simply means 'servant.' Jesus said, " . . . the greatest among you should be like the youngest, and the one who rules like the one who serves."

So, a servant heart is something we should all aspire to.

esus is our Servant-example: he served his Father; he served the multitudes; and he served his 12 friends, (even stooping to wash their dirty, smelly feet). I love these words from The Servant Song:

Brother, let me be your servant

Let me be as Christ to you

Pray that I may have the grace

To let you be my servant, too (Richard Gillard)

If you believe that God has given you a servant's heart, here is an acid test: check your heart when someone treats you as though you're their servant?

Your 'umble servant, Peter (aka 'Ed')

2. Profound & Pithy - Code of Good Practice

Here's some wisdom from "All I Ever Really Needed To Know I Learned in Kindergarten," by Robert Fulghum

*Share everything *Play fair

*Don't hit people

*Put things back where you found them

*Clean up your own mess

*Don't take things that aren't yours

*Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody

*Wash your hands before you eat


*Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you

*Live a balanced life

*Learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some


3. The Boutique - Something Happy; Some Things Sad

Pete & Laurie (Jordan) Worrall, our trusty fellow-workers, are in the process of adopting a little baby girl from Taiwan. Ruth Irene Pei-Li, who carries with her the Down Syndrome, will be one year old in November. Her new parents can hardly contain themselves as they wade through masses of paperwork. They hope to go to Taipei soon to receive their precious daughter . . .

Peter West, our Australian Coordinator for YWAM Associates is battling a huge health challenge. Please pray for him and for Beverley, his wife. They have five children (two in YWAM now), and ten grandchildren. Another new widow . . .

Diane Littleton. Jeff died on July 9th in Penang, Malaysia, their home for many years. Their children, Susan and John, both live in Asia.

In the last eTouch we honored several YWAM widows and widowers; there are some we missed: Jo Arrand, Robyn Peebles, Willa Brook, Val Clark, Lay Kian Khoo, Audra Jo Baumgarth, Sherri Penniston, Karen Kruger, Jean Melmoth, Audrey Reeves. And widowers Merv McDermid and Rob Westwood.

 3. Donna's Corner - A Letter to the Family

 Dear YWAM Ohana (Hawaiian for 'family'),

God is 'heart-linking' people, those who have 'one heart' with Him. God said, "I have found David, son of Jesse, a man after My own heart; he will do everything I want Him to do." (Acts 13:22)

We've seen this in Canada as a nation not because of an organization or denomination but because we have one heart after God, longing for His presence and glory. Literally thousands meet together in His presence from across the nation and listen to His heart and walk in obedience.

This month we had a YWAM Associates inTouch gathering in Singapore. The team sought the Lord for 18 months as to what would please God's heart for this gathering. He said, "No speaker, no agenda and no appointed worship leader."

It was a huge walk of faith because we often rely on the speaker, the agenda or even the worship leader, but now we had to completely rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit. We thought maybe 12 would come, but over 50 came because we all wanted to know what was on His heart. What an amazing time, and it was so awesome to hear what was on His heart. Do you know what some of the key things were, that were on His heart?

Unity; Reflecting Jesus; Waiting on Him; and Youth.

Have you taken time to listen to what is on His heart?

For two weeks until Sept 4th, about 17 of us (the GLT Prayer Shield), are waiting on the Lord to find out what is on His heart as we support the Global Leadership Team of YWAM, the diligent and sacrificial leaders of our mission.

We don't know what each day holds, but as we lay down our own disappointments, agendas and burdens and listen to Him; and then pray what is on His heart, it will be amazing. I love what God says in Jeremiah 3:15, "Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding."

Please pray with us, you are family, even though you may not be in YWAM just now.

Love and Blessings, Donna


4. We're Planning Camps in 2010

'Germany in June' will be a new one; others will follow in the European summer, with details coming soon.

***Singapore next year? Kona, Hawaii in November 2010? Stay tuned.

***How do you get 52 busy Singaporeans to spend three full days doing nothing but Worshipping and Waiting on God? Good question, but that's what happened earlier this month (see Donna's Corner).

And finally . . . If you are going to try cross-country skiing, start with a small country.

Many Blessings, Peter

Feel free to use anything from this YWAM-eTouch, in whole or in part, in any way that will glorify God and advance His Kingdom.