August 2006: Sacred Or Secular?

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 1. Matters that Matter - Sacred or Secular?

 2. Profound & Pithy

 3. Feedback - It's Your Turn

 4. Donna's Corner - Praying with Authority

 5. inTouch Renewal Gatherings coming up

1. Matters that Matter - Sacred or Secular?

A lot of us believers seem to think that spiritual gifts are designed for ministry in the 'church' only (mainly by recognized leaders and 'gifted ones' - the ministers). It is part of the whole misunderstanding of what is sacred and what is secular - in our lives. I believe that everything a true Christian does is sacred (or should be).

What happens is the continuation of the theory that the 'lay' person and the 'ministerial' person are in different categories. This has created a dividing wall between followers of Jesus that has stood tall for centuries and is so ingrained into our thinking that we have come to take it for granted. One of my favorite trick questions when I meet a person is to ask, "What is your ministry?" Just about everybody answers with, "Oh, I teach Sunday School" or "I'm on the worship team" or an embarrassed, "I don't have one." We ALL have a ministry.

So we, as followers of Jesus generally believe that Christian ministry is essentially a Sunday-kind-of-thing based around a building; and what we do with our lives from Monday to Saturday is secular and worldly (unless we happen to attend a church-type meeting during those days).
Paul, in Eph 4:12, clearly states that spiritual ministry gifts are for the"equipping and building up of the whole body"; these gifts are not just for leaders to own so they can tell us what we should do. We're all in this together. I believe that a person's ministry is merely 'what we do with what we've got.'
As you can see I am very simple in my thinking; so to me, to be an evangelist or a prophet or a teacher, etc, is to bring your ministry gift into whatever you do, be it butcher, baker or candlestick-maker. It's your ministry and you're using your gifting.

Was tent-making any the less of a 'ministry' for Paul? Is a businessman any the less 'spiritual' than an ordained clergyman, simply because he 'works in the world' by managing a company and making money? Is being a mother less spiritual than having a title and a position in a church or other Christian

 So if we meet somewhere and I ask you what your ministry is, you'll know how to answer!

2. Profound & Pithy

 A Pharisee is one who monitors the sins of others while justifying himself.
 David Wilkerson

 Never concede to doing something so small that it could be accomplished entirely in your lifetime. Dr. Ralph Winter

To know the value of one year. . . ask the student who failed the final exam.
To know the value of one month. . . ask the mother of a premature baby.
To know the value of one week. . . ask the editor of a weekly newsmagazine.
To know the value of one day. . . ask the wage earner who has six children.
To know the value of one hour. . . ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.
To know the value of one minute. . . ask the person who missed the airplane.
To know the value of one second. . . ask the person who survived the accident.
To know the value of one millisecond. . . ask the Olympic 100 meter silver medalist.

Time is priceless, it's memorable. Time is the cornerstone of life and we need to take advantage of every moment and opportunity we have with those we love and for those who need to hear the Gospel.

3. Feedback - It's Your Turn

Thanks so much for the encouragement eTouch is to us who still feel part of the community. Marty Akin, AZ

I can't agree more with, "I'm not in YWAM, YWAM's in me." I loved the whole time I was in YWAM and it was tough. It was one great adventure from the day you came to the day you left. I laugh with joy every time I receive eTouch. Debbie MacKenzie, PEI

I am so glad you don't mind if I use some of your quotes in our newsletter to our supporters and churches.

Donna. . . please stop "reading my mail". . . your comments on being led by the Spirit hit the nail on the head. Maybe eTouch could be made to look 'prettier' with color, etc., but never loose  your content! The only thing I might suggest is going to a bigger font.

Margi Klausmeier, CO

 I always read what you two write and some part of it blesses me; it was 'just for me'! It is great to know that eTouch is coming. Linnea Walden, WA

Wow, the part on the three-handed gospel was great. This should be an insert in every church bulletin! :) I love eTouch. Lisa Graupmann, USA

Great message on the three handed Gospel.  How long it has been presumed, but not truly understood in terms of what God really does require of us.
Sarah Lanier, Switzerland

Hey, maybe I should come along to the next YWAM camp. . . you never know - miracles do happen J Frances West, Canada

 I always forward eTouch to many of my non-YWAM friends and family. It is profound, prophetic and full of His principles and passion! Don't grow weary in writing. Laurie & Kathy, Zimbabwe

 Perhaps you remember in the last eTouch we had a little contest. . . the most creative 500 word paragraph starting with, "Jesus. . ." would win a book as judged by an unbiased panel of one - me; and I stated that the winner would be published next time. You'd think I would have learned by now that this would get me in trouble. It did. Just to show you what a coward I am, I couldn't choose between the top three who were Anne Grimmond, Debbie Zanetti and Sue Botta. So I'm either a donkey or a Solomon. So these three ladies win and I'll mail them each a book when I go Down Under in November.
 Regrettably there's no space here to publish them. Interestingly, every submission I received came from Australia!

 Next time we'll have a poetic contest (and I'll get someone else to judge it!)

 4. Donna's Corner - Praying with Authority

Twelve of us have been meeting for 15 days, 8-10 hours a day here in Harpenden, England to pray for and alongside the Global Leadership Team (GLT) of YWAM. Sometimes there were 15 of us as leader's wives joined in. We were from nine nations and some of us had never met before; but we were quickly bonded as 'family' (Matt 12:50), as we listened to what is on our Father's heart, and prayed His prayers.
 I have never seen such unity in a prayer group. We walked as one, preferring one another. With that corporate humility we had such beautiful unity, and  then Jesus by His Spirit, and through the Word, was able to sanctify us with the truth, and we became one with Father, Son and Holy Spirit (John 17:16-18, 22-23).
 It was never boring - it was exciting - because we never knew what God was going to show us next. God revealed to us the amazing authority we have when there is this corporate humility and unity.
 What we received and prayed, we daily reported to Team3 (John Dawson, Lynn Green and Iain Muir, leaders of the leaders) in a simple clear and concise way. We realized more and more, that as 'prophetic intercessors,' it was our responsibility to hear from the Father and to then have corporate faith to believe that God would fulfill what He had spoken - in His timing and in His way. The leadership tested what we were sensing from the Lord with discernment. Our responsibility was to simply leave the word with them. We had a deep trust in Team3, knowing that our prayers and our time weren't  being wasted. We knew that what we had received, they heard and that they could see the big picture. This way the 'the body' walks as one, under His headship.
 I'm not sharing these things with you to tell you how well we did - only God knows that; this is to encourage you that when two or three or more meet together with pure hearts, listen to the Father and pray what is on HIS heart, the authority that God has given you in the spirit realm will amaze you.

We learned these things in most YWAM schools, so let's practice them. It's out of intimacy with the Father that you will be able to pray what is on His heart.

 Love and Blessings,


5. inTouch Renewal Gatherings coming up
September 6-10, Batam, Indonesia (next door to Singapore), with David Demian(Watchmen for the Nations), and Peter & Donna Jordan; Contact Lin at

 January 14-20, Sydney, Australia with David Demian (Watchmen)
 Contact: Peter West at

 And then. . . A Gathering with a difference:
 January 20-27, Orama, Great Barrier Island, New Zealand - "Restoring the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to  their fathers. . ." Mal 4:6 with John Dawson & David Demian; and with Peter & Donna Jordan Contact Jeanetta McQuoid

 And finally. . .

All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

 Till next time. . . be blessed,
 Peter Jordan

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