March 2007: Worship

"Ni Hao Ma!"** Is this your maiden voyage with us? 'eTouch' is designed to be a blessing and encouragement to anyone who has been 'YWAM-touched,' anyone who has ever served in Youth With A Mission, or anyone who just kinda likes to hang out with us. . . (**Ni Hao Ma is Mandarin Chinese for "How are you?")

Feel free to use anything from 'eTouch,' in whole or in part, in any way that will glorify God and advance His Kingdom; and please send us email addresses of your friends who would like to receive this little monthly communiqué.

1. Matters that Matter - Worship

2. Profound & Pithy - Here & There

3. Feedback - It's Your Turn

4. Donna's Corner - One Night With the King

5. Another Contest - A Word Game

6. This & That

7. Renewal Gatherings - Rest, Relax, Renew

1. Matters that Matter - Worship

I'm not musical but I love music - all sorts of it. From Yanni to Mantovani, from The Beatles to Beethoven, music touches me deeply. But I draw the line with some forms of musical discord.

I play no instrument, though I did play the bugle and started on trumpet when I was young; but as with some other disciplines, I didn't persevere. I love to sing but it's best for all when I do it with about 1000 other people surrounding me. And I couldn't harmonize my way out of a brown paper bag. All this, just so that you know I'm not speaking as an authority on music or worship. I'm an 'appreciator.' (If I had wanted someone to speak with authority on worship, I would have asked Dave & Dale Garratt; starting in the late 1960s, they were the worldwide pioneers and introducers of the musical worship concept that we now all take for granted.)

As we go to worship God today, most often it suggests that we're going to have a period of singing, usually at the beginning of a church service and typically accompanied by various musical instruments. Sometimes, other expressions of worship such as dance, flags and banners and even live painting are incorporated. But worship is more than music and other forms of creativity. It is a lifestyle.

How do you define worship? This is going to sound weird, but back in 1964, US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, in trying to define obscenity said, "I know it when I see it." In a similar way I know true worship when I see it, when I hear it and when I sense it in my spirit.

When we pioneered the Kona base in the 70s, for three months, every afternoon and every Saturday, all staff and students worked at renovating the wreckage that had been the Pacific Empress Hotel. We thwacked at the weeds, we painted everything in sight, we repaired the rotting woodwork and we sweat buckets. Pint-sized Alan Williams, one of our leaders, dripping perspiration and with machete in hand, would encourage us with, "Come on boys! Work is worship!" (In our sunburned, soaked and steamy state, dog-tired and thirsty and ready to quit, some people's attitudes may have been less than worshipful at that point!) But that's when I really started to get it that worship is not only expressed through music.

True worship (John 4:24), may take many external forms, but to be true, it must come from the spirit. I can raise my hands, I can prostrate myself, I can dance, I can sing, I can be silent or loud - I can do a hundred things; but if my outward expression hasn't emerged from a spirit of true worship and love of God and others; and if there isn't an 'anointing' of worship there, I'm nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate (I Cor 13:1, The Message).

I was once at two meetings the same day in a large church. The 'musical worship' in the morning service was perfect in every way; the band members were immaculately dressed, they were gifted and played well together, the leader started and finished right on time, the sound was flawless, the songs were all well-known; there had obviously been lots of preparation. But something was missing. It was the anointing for worship.

That evening I went back to an all-denominational meeting in the same building. I was a little late and even before entering the sanctuary I knew there was something different. It was the 'I-know-it-when-I-hear-it-and-sense-it' anointing syndrome! The band was small and nondescript, but their hearts were prepared and ready to go. It was glorious.

I'll close with a true story. A Quaker took a friend to the 'Meeting House' one Sunday morning. They sat down, all the men on one side and the women on the other. 10am came and went and nothing happened. Five minutes stretched into 10, then 20, and after more than half an hour of total silence, the visitor leaned over and whispered in his friend's ear, "When does the service begin?" The hushed rejoinder came . . .

"After the worship is over."

Worship cannot be confined to a place or a time. It is - or should be - a lifestyle.


2. Profound & Pithy - Here & There

Don't just give because your body happens to be where there's an opportunity. Give because that's where your heart is.

The world would rather see a sermon than hear one.

God is a God of second chances. In one sense, there are no failures in the Kingdom of God, only opportunities to learn and grow in God's grace! Floyd McClung

Experience is not the best teacher; evaluated experience is the best teacher. Floyd

All the verbal proclamation of the gospel is of little value unless it is made by a community of love. John Stott

Prayer is not overcoming God's reluctance; it is laying hold of His highest willingness. Archbishop Richard Trench

Silence is one of the deepest disciplines simply because it puts the stopper on all self-justification. Richard J. Foster

3. Feedback - It's Your Turn

Sue (Forcier) Secrist's request for more white space in eTouch got to me. What a
precious woman. I knew her from the 70s, in Sunland-Tujunga YWAM. One of my favorite memories was how she enlivened a tedious job in the YWAM office - typing labels for 'Truth Tapes' audio cassettes of various YWAM speakers. Sue did some tapes with her own name on the label. On one side her sermon topic was "Waiting on God." On the flip side was "Quiet Time." The cassettes were empty, blank. Just an
example of her fun personality. Janice Rogers

eTouch spoke to me this morning. Thanks. Janice Willard

Most of the other responses were too embarrassingly kind to print. Thank you to all who wrote.

4. Donna's Corner - One Night With the King

Over the last couple of months God has been speaking a lot about Esther. The story came out recently in a movie called, One Night With the King.

The March 4th weekend was the Feast of Purim, one of the most joyous of all Jewish holidays that celebrates the victory of the Jews - thanks to Esther - over Haman.

I was at YWAM's Global Prayer Shield (GPS) meetings in Kona last month. Esther was one of the focuses. Then immediately following that, in our home town of Medicine Hat, we met for five days with almost 100 Canadian church, business and other ministry leaders from across the nation. And again Esther and her courageous stand was a focus. God called us to fast and pray to hear what is on His heart for our city and for the nation.

Sounds like we are in the days of Esther! Read the book. See the movie.

Are you still in the preparation time, or are you ready to go into the presence of the King with your requests and as his prepared bride?  God wants to raise up those who have said yes to Him. He wants you to take your place for such a time as this.

The prayers of righteous people are powerful and effective. The preparation time Esther went through was amazing, but she knew why. She was going to see the king.

Maybe you are like her uncle Mordecai, in the right place at the right time, hearing and seeing the signs of the times. He walked in the fear of the Lord and not the fear of man; this came out of love for God and his people. He had such wisdom knowing when to speak, what to speak and to whom to speak.

He had become a father to Esther and she honored and loved him. She trusted him and he was free to exhort, encourage and release her into her destiny. He was a man of prayer and did not seek his own recognition but used his influence to serve others.

In the end, Mordecai received much honor. We also need to see spiritual mothers and fathers raised up in these days; where are the ones who will be there for the next generation? Encouraging and exhorting the younger ones because we love them and want them to fulfill their destiny. And go further than us.

In whatever the sphere or ministry to which God has called you, get prepared for the days ahead. Don't waste time.

Love and Blessings,


5. Another Contest - A Word Game

The Washington Post started this and we've adapted it (below). Take any word from the dictionary, alter it by adding, subtracting, or changing ONE letter, and supply a new definition. Here are some of the Post winners:

Giraffiti (n) Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.

Inoculatte (v) To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.

Hipatitis (n) Terminal coolness.

Caterpallor (n) The color you turn after finding half a worm in the fruit you're eating.

Got the idea? OK, our contest is to take one of our YWAM cultural words and apply the rules above. Here are two examples:

Hintercession (n.) Prayer meeting in Australia's Outback.

Relationshops (n.) What some people think DTSes might be.

Now you go for it! First Prize: a free ticket on the first passenger space flight to the sun; PLUS publication of your effort(s) next time (along with all the also-rans).

6. This & That

*A challenge from Donna: there is a condominium project overlooking the Kona campus of the U of N whose primary purpose is to be a 'prayer shield' for YWAM - internationally and locally. A few weeks ago the Global Prayer Shield (GPS) met in Kona and we were excited about a Global Prayer Center now in its planning stages right below these condos. You may not be able to be involved physically in this project, but you can be through prayer; or maybe you'd consider investing in one of these condos, so that YWAM staff or others who need housing and want to pray right on site, could rent from you. What a great investment in the Kingdom! Contact Kory Bellmont or go to

*Calling Lausanne alumni - Loren Cunningham coming!
Former staff and students from the past and now living in Western Europe are warmly invited to a reunion on Sunday May 13 at YWAM Chalet à Gobet from 10 am to 5 pm. Together we will worship, pray and enjoy great fellowship with one another.
Please register before May 1, by e-mail:
or by telephone: +41 (0)21 784 23 23

7. Renewal Gatherings for 2007

June 4-8, Chico, California - our first Korean Gathering! Speaker: Pastor Ron Smith from Minneapolis, well known among Koreans. Co-leaders: Peter & Donna Jordan, with Kwak Sookwang & Song Jungmee (worship leader).
Korean Registrar: Hephzibah Zeleny:

June 10-16, Chico, CA - Speakers: Dan Sneed & Donna Jordan (with Peter)
Contact: Laurie

July 8-14, Restenäs, Sweden - Speakers, Andreas & Angela Frész - "Destiny by Design." Hosted by Roy & Shirley Jones

July 15-21, Grimerud, Norway - Speaker, Alejandro Rodriguez, Director, YWAM Argentina. With Peter & Donna Jordan and Lidvard & Ingalill Andreassen

July 28-Aug 4, Jura Mountains, Switzerland - Speakers Andreas & Angela Frész
- "Destiny by Design." Hosted by Roy & Shirley Jones

Aug 11-18, Near Paris, France - Speaker Donna Jordan - "Listening to God"
Hosted by Roy & Shirley Jones

For the above four European Camps contact Roy Jones, our European Coordinator at or go to for more details.

Sept 5-9, Singapore - Speaker David Demian. With Peter & Donna Jordan
Contact: Lin at

And finally,

Do not fear failure; fear succeeding at things that don't count.

Till next time, be blessed,