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“Goeiedag!” (“Hi!” in Afrikaans) or,  “Hoe gaan dit?” (“How goes it?”)

eTouch is principally designed and written for the great big worldwide family of formerYWAMers (celebrating the Big Five-O this year). We love it when others 'walk' with us.

1. Sheep2Sheep ~ Another Modest Proposal

2. Profound & Pithy ~ Some Nuggets of Wisdom

3. Donna's Corner ~ Doing Everything in Love

4. Boutique ~ Free Shopping

5. Renewal Gatherings ~ Seven of them, including HAWAII


1. Sheep2Sheep ~ A Modest Proposal for Newsletter-ers

We all send and receive newsletters—at least I hope we all keep in touch and in depth with our friends. It’s one way to keep in touch with family and friends who are a long way off. Today we have Facebook, Twitter and many other ways of keeping in immediate touch, but there’s something about a newsletter that allows you take your time in reading and browsing photos, without rushing to ‘click’ onto to something else.

The Apostle Paul wrote a lot of letters, but you could hardly call them newsletters. He did stick in a bit of news, but his were mostly teaching spiritual truths, exhorting about this or that, correcting error and even dishing out a spanking or two (read 1 Corinthians). Paul did not talk a whole lot about himself.

But Paul must have been a people-person because he spent a lot of time greeting his many friends—read Romans 16 where he spent a whole chapter saying “Ciao” and “Howdy” to people with names like Patrobas, Philologus and Phlegon—people you may never have heard of. And Paul didn’t have a photocopier or a printer, so his letters were all hand-written. He said “Hi” to Junias (or was it Junia? Oh-oh! I better stay away from that one—too controversial. And if you don’t know what I mean by that, ask a bible scholar; or do a word study).

But Paul’s hard news about himself was pretty raw (read 2Cor12:23-28): “I’ve just had 39 lashes for the third time (and have the scars to prove it)”; or, “things really seem to come in threes for me; can you believe it? I just had my third shipwreck”; or “Man, I just seem to attract difficulties—and now I’m here in jail.” (All this is a very loose paraphrase of Paul’s news—not many of us can tell stories like that). He’d also write homey stuff like, “I hope to come and see you soon.”

And not once did he ask for money, though he did congratulate the poverty-stricken Macedonians for their generosity to him. (2Cor 8:1-5)

We all get a ton of newsletters and I love to hear from all of my friends; about them, about their family and about their ministry. There is one special category—the missionary newsletter — that most of us receive and many of us send. WARNING! Here comes one of Peter’s Pet Peeves: I cannot tell you the number of these letters that start off with, “Dear Ones, Please forgive me for not writing for so long . . .” At that point, I will set the letter down (or turn away from the computer screen) and ask myself, “When was the last time I heard from good old Joe—was it two years ago—or three?”

I almost don’t have to read the rest of the letter, because I can guess what’s coming:

“Josephine just had her tonsils out, the engine of our ’73 Datsun just seized up, we need new shoes for the whole family and leather is very expensive down here in **Threeamotu. Our budget is $15,673 per month and we are currently receiving $215 of that . . . our home church just stopped supporting us because the new pastor feels that local missions is where it’s at; so there’s another $35 we won’t be getting.” [**Threeamotu may be a small group of islands just east Toamotu.]

Of course I exaggerate and oversimplify, but you get the idea, right?

I’ve spent hours thinking about newsletters—the ones we send and the ones we receive. Will you allow me—as a long-time receiver—and sender of newsletters, to lay out some suggestions? Well, I’m going to do it anyway . . . they’re kind of a set of do’s and dont’s.

• Do make it personal. I don’t care how many people you’re going to write to, start off with their name—the extra time you take to do this is worth it. Your friends aren’t a multitude or a bunch of names in a database; they’re individuals like you and me. “Dear Ruth & Bob,” is warm; “Dear All,” or “Dear Friends,” makes me, as your friend, wonder how close we really are.

• Don’t start off by apologizing for not having communicated for a long time—unless you vow to write regularly. And are prepared to keep that promise.

• Do include a personal sentence or paragraph along with your general news if you possibly can. With Email it’s easy; and a note in your own handwriting on a printed letter goes deep.

• Don’t write long, boring paragraphs. A single-spaced paragraph that’s more than five or six lines long just looks too daunting to your reader—break those ‘graphs up! And get someone to check you for ‘boring.’ If necessary, get help to make your news interesting.

• Do use a few photos and illustrations (just a few). If you’re not handy digitally with that kind of stuff, ask for help. That’s what I do.

• Don’t ‘cry poor’ if you’re a missionary; you have the greatest job in the world. Try to sound positive in your letters (even if you’re not sure where this month’s rent is coming from). Almost all of us go through lean times—it’s part of our training.

• Do use a big enough type font so that your friends don’t have to run down to Wal-Mart to get a pair of reading glasses.

• Don’t forget to send your personal love. You do love your friends, don’t you?

There’s a lot more to writing interesting newsletters that actually get read in these sometimes frantic times; but I’ll leave that to the experts. Your friends are your friends; and friends, real friends, who you don’t see very often, genuinely want to read your news and pray for you.

I hope these little tips help you to deepen your friendships, widen your sphere of relationships, and if you’re missionary, yes, increase your circle of supporters.

Go for it! Happy Newslettering.


2. Profound & Pithy ~ A Potpourri

Holiness is an impossibility—without the Holy Spirit. Anonymous

It is no sin to doubt some things but it may be fatal to believe everything. A.W. Tozer.

A baptism of holiness, a demonstration of godly living is the crying need of our day. Duncan Campbell

And this, from John Wycliffe who lived almost 700 years ago . . . It shall greatly help thee to understand Scripture if thou markest not only what is spoken or written,

-but of whom

-and to whom

-with what words

-at what time


-to what intent

-with what circumstances

-considering what goeth before—and what followeth.

A successful leader is the one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others

have thrown at him or her.  Unknown


3. The Boutique ~ Letters . . . We Get Letters

Letters will be posted on our website http://ywamassociates.com/ click on 'YWAM-eTouch'

See also Alumni2Alumni Classifieds http://ywamassociates.com/ click on 'news & articles'

Haiti Long Term

By now we all know what happened on January 12th in Haiti—a devastating earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people and crippled the nation. But even prior to the earthquake, Haiti was a nation in need. Listed as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, the lack of basic essentials was overwhelming, and in every category.

YWAM has been serving in Haiti for more than 20 years and continues to coordinate and provide immediate aid to the Haitian people. They believe that God wants to raise that nation up to be a blessing to other nations. The earthquake has not changed that. In the short term, the needs are almost indescribable and many have gone and will be going very soon to help.

But long-term, when the media has tired of reporting the tragedy and news from Haiti is no longer before us day by day, that is when the church crunch will come and when we must  continue to rally and help.

Teachers, medical personnel, water engineers, counselors, whatever skill you have, it can be used in Haiti right now and on into the foreseeable future. Six-month—or longer—sacrificial commitments are what is needed.

Please go to www.ywamhaiti.org Every few days, there are updates in the ‘news’ section of the website. Pray for those already serving and for the Haitian people to know the love that the God of the universe has for each of them. And would you pray about your involvement?


4. Donna's Corner ~ Doing Everything in Love

Dear Family,

"Do everything in LOVE." (1Cor16:14)

Love others as you would want them to love you. We communicate love (or lack of love) to others verbally and non-verbally. If love is missing in the message, we can get a reaction.

"If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing." (1Cor13:2)

Everyone who prophesies speaks to men for their strengthening, encouragement and comfort. (1Cor14:1-3). The deliverer of the ‘word of the Lord’ should have a Christ-like character. The ‘word of the Lord’ given by an undisciplined character, or a person without love and compassion, can be poisonous and cause a lot of pain.

You may be a prophet, and two or three may agree that the word of the Lord has been spoken through you (1Cor14:29), but those who carry that word and deliver it to others, must also be listening to God in how to process it and deliver it in love, so that it can be received.

It's so important that we walk together as one body with Jesus Christ as the head, all of us listening to Him. Too often we have elevated the person with the gift of prophecy rather than lifting up Jesus.

Many will come to Jesus and say, "Didn't we prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons . . .? and Jesus will say, "I never knew you"; in other words Jesus said that he  didn't have a close relationship with them. They hadn’t prophesied out of their love for him. Jesus’ response? "Away from me you evildoers.” (That's heavy.)

My friends whatever we do or say, may it be done out of our love relationship with Jesus and our love for others, always wanting their highest good.

May we all be brought into alignment with His Kingdom and its ways.

Love and Blessings,



5. Renewal Gatherings ~ 2010’s Finale in Hawaii

May 31-June 5: GERMANY – YWAM Hurlach (near Munich) with Donna Jordan

Jun 27-Jul 3: NORWAY #1 ARCTIC CIRCLE – Borgen, Land of the midnight sun with Iain Muir

Jul 18-24: SWEDEN – YWAM Restenäs (north of Gothenburg) with Donna Jordan

Jul 26-31: NORWAY #2 – YWAM Skjærgårdsheimen (in the South of Norway near Kristiansand) with David Demian (Watchmen for the Nations Canada), and Peter & Donna Jordan

For this Camp only, contact: Lidvard Andreassen - lidvard@online.no

Aug 8-14: FRANCE – YWAM Le-Gault-la-Forêt (east of Paris in the Champagne Region) with Daniel Schaerer

Aug 22-28: SWITZERLAND – Jura Mountains (close to Vallorbe) with Al & Carolyn Akimoff

For all Camps except Norway #2, go to www.ywamassociateseurope.com click on ‘Contact’ and email Roy Jones for more info about the Camp you are interested in

Grand Finale to YWAM’s 50th Anniverary in HAWAII—it's not too early to start praying and planning!

*Nov 21-25: Kona, YWAM Associates International Gathering with YWAM Speakers

*Nov 29-Dec 4: YWAM's final 2010 50th Anniversary Celebration

Plan to come for one or both events. Check www.ywamassociates.com for details as they become available


And finally . . .

“We guarantee that what people will say about you will not be about what you achieved for yourself but what you achieved for others. Not how big a campfire you built but how well you kept others warm, how well you illuminated the night to make them feel safe . . .” From A Leader’s Legacy by James Kouzes & Barry Posner

Feel free to use anything from the above, in whole or in part, in any way that will glorify God and advance His Kingdom.

We love to receive your letters—especially when they include email addresses (with Name, City & Country) of your friends who would like to receive eTouch.

Thanks & Many Blessings,

Peter Jordan, Editor

Email: info@ywamassociates.com

Website: www.ywamassociates.com