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"Olá!" the greeting used by the two Portuguese-speaking nations represented in the World Cup this month. But who will emerge as the victor on July 11th? Brazil or Portugal or some other nation?

eTouch is written mostly for the 4 to 5 million-strong family of former YWAMers ~ plus all of our many friends who love and support the mission. Peter Jordan, Editor

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This edition of eTouch is dedicated to the memory of Peter West who passed on to his reward on June 3rd, following almost two years of health challenges. Since the late 1990s, Peter, along with Beverley his wife, coordinated YWAM Associates Renewal Camps in Australia. Peter will be sorely missed.


Sheep2Sheep ~ Zach & Lizzie

A Sort of Pre-Pre-Pre-Christmas Story

[I know, I know, we’re nowhere near Christmas. But here’s a story you can read to your kids, your grandkids or someone else’s kids. If you like it, print it or forward it to someone.]

Zach & Lizzie were quite old; maybe as old as 50, 60 or 70, or even 80. They had never had kids of their own, and that gave them a hurt in their hearts. A big hurt. So Zach & Lizzie had kind of settled for a home that was pretty quiet ~ just the two of them. They’d really wanted to have children, but it just didn’t happen, and they were lonely.

But even though they missed having kids running around the house, Zack & Lizzie loved God. They were a faithful, bible-believing couple, who served in their local church; they were the kind of people who were always quietly doing helpful things, the kind of people you don’t even realize are there ~ until they go away.

And can you believe it? There were people who thought that because they had no children, they were jinxed!

Sometimes Zach would go away on family business to another city. He really enjoyed those trips away from his hometown because he met a lot of interesting people; but really, he only went because his boss asked him to go, and Zach always wanted to please his boss.

One time when he was away on one of these journeys ~ he thought they were kind of like missions trips ~ Zach was chosen for a very special job. If you guessed that he was picked for this job because he was faithful, you’d be right. His boss knew Zach very well.

Now Zach was not a preacher. He couldn’t teach much and he couldn’t sing worth beans; and he sure didn’t know how to play a musical instrument. Like I said, he was a ‘background-kind-of-guy,’ an ordinary man who just loved serving. And he was faithful (did I say that before?) Well he was; very.

And Zach was obedient too. He once heard a preacher who made it very clear that for obedience to be real obedience, there have to be three parts to it. It’s like this; when God (or your parents) ask you to do something:

  • First, you gotta do it right away (unless it's to do later);
  • Second, you have to do the whole job; and
  • Third, you do it with a smile on your face.

(Do you know who that preacher makes me think of? Somebody whose initials are ‘JD.’)

But there I go wandering off like a rabbit on a rabbit trail. I’m sorry. (My wife Donna tells me that I wander around a lot when I’m talking too. Maybe I’m getting a bit old!)

So, back to Zach! Remember? He was away from home on a sort of mission and had been chosen to do a special job. I can tell you that there were people around who didn’t think Zach should have been picked for such an important job, because he was such a quiet and ordinary man.

Actually the job was pretty easy. All Zach had to do was go into this big church building and burn some smelly stuff that made huge clouds of smoke. The boss said the job was important so he did it right away, he did the whole job and he did it with a smile on his face ~ he was just plain happy to do it. (You might say that he had learned some things from that preacher.)

Standing in the middle of this swirling cloud of funky smoke, Zack got touched by an angel. He really did! Actually he got scared out of his socks because he knew this angel’s name. It wasn’t just any old ordinary angel; it was Gabe, the famous one.

So, there’s Zach, with smoke all around him, shivering with fear, when suddenly Gabe speaks and gives him some crazy news that pretty soon he and Lizzie are going to have a baby! And it’ll be a boy and they must call him John.

Now Zach knows all about the birds and the bees and he especially knows that old birds and old bees don’t have baby birds or baby bees. So even though he and Lizzie had prayed and prayed and prayed for a baby, he thinks this is nuts and he says, “No way Gabe! We’re too old to have kids.”

This was not cool with Gabe because he was bringing this news directly from the boss. You shouldn’t argue with Gabe and you certainly shouldn’t argue with the boss. So Gabe says, “OK Zach, since you don’t believe me, you’re not going to speak another word until you see for yourself that what I’ve just told you, is true.”

Zach had really blown it! He hadn’t believed Gabe’s news. Always before, he had been so faithful and obedient to the boss or to any of his leaders; and now all of a sudden he had really lost it, and he didn’t believe that Gabe’s message was from the boss. But you know what? We’re like that too sometimes, aren’t we?

Zach felt really bad. He remembered what that preacher had said . . . that when you don’t believe something the boss says, it’s a very bad thing; it’s called UN-belief and now he found himself not believing what the boss was saying to him through this awesome angel Gabe. But, you know what, I’m beginning to wander again, so please forgive me.

Sure enough, just like Gabe had said, Zack lost his voice and for almost a year he couldn’t talk at all. Not one word. Until some totally amazing things happened around Christmas time, when . . .

Oh-oh! Donna just told me that I’m taking too long to tell this story and if I don’t stop soon it’ll be Christmas before I get finished.

OK then, you can read the rest of the story yourself and find out that a baby called John was born to Zack & Lizzie. And do you know who John’s cousin was? It’s all there in Dr Luke’s book in the bible. You’ll find his story in chapters 1 & 2. Dr Luke tells it better than I ever could anyway.

Now I’m about done. But do you remember what that preacher taught Zach
about obeying? Come on now, give it a try.

And have a Merry, Merry, Very, Very, Early Christmas!
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We must never forget that it is this same John who had the spirit and the power of Elijah, “to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children . . .” (Luke 1:17)

St Jean Baptiste Day (the birthday of John the Baptist), is celebrated near the end of June, close to Midsummer’s Day, in Scandinavia and some northern European nations, as well as in Quebec, Canada.


Profound & Pithy

Knowledge talks, wisdom listens.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!

Only the wisest and the stupidest of men never change.

Violence won’t solve a thing; it just makes the solution more challenging.

I don’t know what the key to success is, but one of the keys to failure is trying to please everyone.

When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends.


The Boutique ~ This ‘n That

Here are some thoughts on re-entry from a recent DTS grad . . .

No victories but definitely a lot of challenges. I have never been more alone. Things are exactly the same in (name of city withheld) and I have become completely different. I don't feel the presence of the Lord and have been wrestling with myself. Thoughts of self-doubt cloud my mind. I can't put a finger on what's bothering me . . . but I accept the challenge and know the Lord will see me through. (returned DTS student)

Remembering . . .

Steve & Marie Goode (leaders of YWAM’s Mercy Ministries), have long desired to see our co-workers that have passed away, recognized, remembered and honored. We at YWAM Associates echo the cry of their hearts. Marie writes, “Each year at the Academy Awards, ‘In Memoriam’ is always so meaningful and moving . . . and we want to see the same sort of thing in our mission.”

We must remember those who have passed on. Marie continues, “I am still trying to find someone who will add Wally Wenge to our Memorial website.” (Wally was one of our great leaders who went to his reward in 1999.)

Go to http://www.ywam-memorial.org/ and perhaps you will be moved to get involved in honoring those who have served the mission and ‘gone on.’ You can make a difference by adding the name of someone you knew.

Letters to eTouch are posted on our website. To view them click here.


Donna’s Corner ~ To Visit or to Stay?

I was recently speaking in Germany at a YWAM Associates Gathering, and I felt the Lord wanted me to talk about something that is always on His heart: UNITY (John 17). Right away, I could sense the enemy trying to hinder me.

After we all stood against him in Jesus' name, I started to weep as we took a look at His last prayer, the one He prayed before going to the cross. His heart’s cry was that we would have the same unity as He enjoyed with His Father. And seeing that unity, the world would also believe in Jesus.

The only way we can have that kind of unity is by laying down our own lives at the cross and then listening to Him together. Jesus is our King, and we want to see His Kingdom come.

Many are crying out for God's manifest presence and we get excited when He visits us through signs and wonders and even angelic visitations. We sense His presence, but does He want to stay with us, in our homes, in our churches or in our YWAM bases? Or will He just visit and leave?

As I was speaking at this Gathering in Germany, the Lord reminded me about a story my friend David told. He was staying in the home of a friend who was a pastor. He and his wife were very gracious, but David could sense there was tension in the home, and he knew something was wrong.

After dinner he was sitting in the living room, waiting for a cup of tea and feeling very uncomfortable. So David whispered a quick prayer, "Lord, I love to visit my friends, but I can't stay here in this tense atmosphere; can I go for a walk or find a hotel?"

The Lord responded to David, "Now you know how I feel in My church; I love My bride and I want to be with her, so I will visit from time to time; but when I find a lot of arguing, jealousy and lack of unity, I just can't stay. But the longing I have for My bride draws Me back, so I visit again, but then once again I leave."

The Lord says, "Heaven is My throne, and the earth is My footstool. Where is the house you will build for Me? Where will My resting place be? Has not My hand made all these things, and so they came into being?” declares the Lord. “This is the one I esteem: he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at My word.”  (Isaiah 66:1-2)

God will not be confined in a place built with human hands, but in a temple built of living stones joined together in Christ Jesus. Read Ephesians 2:19-22, especially verses 21 & 22:

In Jesus Christ the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord. And in Him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by His Spirit.

My heart’s cry is that you and I will be an answer to the prayers Jesus prayed just before He went to the cross. And I keep asking the Lord, “Is there anything in my heart that hinders me from having unity with others?”

Love and Blessings,

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Renewal Camps & Gatherings ~ 2010

Jul 26-31: NORWAY – YWAM Skjærgårdsheimen (on the beach in the South of Norway near Kristiansand) with David Demian (Watchmen for the Nations Canada), and Peter & Donna Jordan.

For this Camp only, contact: Lidvard Andreassen - lidvard@online.no

NOTE: Base housing at YWAM Skjærgårdsheimen is almost full, but we are searching for alternate housing nearby. If you have friends in the neighborhood who would be willing house participants, please let Lidvard know. Camp will be open for registration until maximum meeting and meal facilities are reached. So, don’t delay!

Aug 8-14: FRANCE – YWAM Le-Gault-la-Forêt (east of Paris in the Champagne Region), with Daniel Schaerer

Aug 22-28: SWITZERLAND – Jura Mountains (close to Vallorbe), with Al & Carolyn Akimoff

For all Camps except Norway, go to www.ywamassociates.eu click on ‘Contact’ and email Roy Jones for more info about the Camp you are interested in.

And then . . .Kona, HAWAII for two great events in two great weeks - before and after American Thanksgiving! Plan on coming for both! (For overseas visitors, Thanksgiving is a traditional family holiday time in the U.S.)

*WEEK 1 ~ Nov 21-25: YWAM Associates International Gathering at the Royal Kona Resort, with Bob Fitts and others to be confirmed. Dan Sneed will be our Gathering Pastor, with JoEllyn Wright our ‘In House’ worship leader; there will be others you know who will join us. Hosted by Peter & Donna.

In addition to a Thanksgiving Luau Feast, we are planning a Sunset Beach Picnic, both events included in the Gathering cost. Click here to register. After registering for the Gathering, you may then register directly with the hotel; or, you can search for accommodations of your own in Kona.

NOTE: When registering for our YWAM Associates Gathering Nov 21-25, the same low hotel rates apply for the 'resting' days of Nov 26-28. These special low rates also apply for the 50th Anniversary

Celebration week – see Week 2 following. . .

*WEEK 2 ~ Nov 29-Dec 4: YWAM's Ultimate 50th Anniversary Celebration with everybody you can imagine expected to be there! For registration click on www.ywam50.com/kona Weeks 1 & 2 must be registered for separately.


And finally . . .

Those who criticize this generation forget who raised it.

Till next time when the July & August editions of eTouch will be combined,

Feel free to use anything from the above, in whole or in part, in any way that will glorify God and advance His Kingdom.

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