June/July 2009: Nations,Generations & Family

Sawubona! This time our greeting is in Zulu ˆ "I see you are not my enemy"; this greeting not only acknowledges seeing you but also inquires after your health. Good stuff.

The saga of our search for a new name for this e-zine closes; you see we have returned to a modified version of our original name. Thanks if you helped pray us through this process. Peter Jordan, Editor (Please send us Name, City/Country & email address of your friends who you think would like to receive this. Thanks.)

1. Sheep2Sheep ˆ Nations, Generations & Family

2. Profound & Pithy ˆ On Loving

3. The Boutique ˆ How Religious are You?

4. Donna's Corner ˆ The Family of God

5. Renewal Gatherings ˆ Europe & Singapore

1. Sheep2Sheep ˆ Nations, Generations & Family

The Nations

In this DTS 'stew' of nations, English is the base 'language-ingredient' that we use; but the different cultures provide the spice that bubbles and seasons and blends us in the stewpot. The richness of other customs and traditions, though challenging for all at times, draws us close as we learn the whys, the hows and the whens of different nations and their cultures; one of the 'herbs' that seasons our stew, is learning about the place of protocols, a sadly neglected skill to many of us who live in the Western world. Honoring one another takes on a new significance.

Donna and I have been enriched by all of our missions experiences which have thrown us in with people of many nations; all three of our girls have married outside their Canadian culture; Samoan and Australian sons-in-law (assuming that the Aussies are a different culture!), have enriched our lives; and soon we'll have an adopted Chinese granddaughter to stir into our family mix. God and government willing, Ruth Pei-Li will be in our arms before too long.

The Generations

Donna & I have just come to the end the second DTS of our second go-around leading these schools (we led a bunch of them back in the 80s and early 90s); and we're planning two more in the next 12 months! Are we nuts? We call these DTSes 'All Nations-All Generations' (that's how we get to include ourselves!) We've had about 70 students each time, ages from 16 to 77 (average age: 31). Our staff (we call them our Ohana ˆ Hawaiian for 'family'), mirrors the age of the students; they are first of all our close friends and sometimes even blood family.

It's an amazing mix and we stand in awe of the way it works. The younger ones seem to find security in the seniors being part of their lives for five months; the seniors are galvanized into greater exploits than they thought they were capable of; the middle generation, the 30-40s, becomes a bridge; and the young kids complete the mix, adding their special brand of joy and children-ness.

We in the so-called 'developed world' seem to have lost this all-generational familyness. Donna and I are discovering it with all its blessings.

The Family

Is there such a thing as a 'functional' family? We hear a lot about dysfunctional ones ˆ and I suppose to a greater or lesser extent we're all dysfunctional. Blame it on Adam (or Eve, if you prefer).

I come from a godly missionary family where it was obvious that my Dad's major priorities started and ended with God and ministry; he was wholly sold out to serving God as a pioneer missionary to China and the Chinese people for 43 years. Somewhere down Dad's path of priorities, came the rest of us. There is no question in my mind that Dad loved my Mom ˆ and the rest of us. It's just that we didn't get to see much of him and anyway, back in those days people had trouble displaying affection for each other. I'm sure that's not a problem today, right?


So guess what? I had to be taught how to show true affection ˆ and I'm still learning. At just about every opportunity I try to say to my kids, "I love you."

One of the mistakes that parents make is to favor one child over another. In Jesus' 'family' of disciples, John was the closest to the Master. At least HE thought he was, telling us that he was "the disciple whom Jesus loved." It's interesting that it is only John that reveals this little family secret!

One of my three daughters frequently proclaims far and wide that she is my favorite. This has become a family joke and she mainly does it to get a reaction from her sisters who go along with the game, allowing her to think she is the 'fave'. I suppose most families have this little 'in' bit of fun, but "God plays no favorites!" (Acts 10:34 The Message), and neither should we as parents.

Each of our kids is different and have individual needs, so parenting is a delicate balancing act of wisdom and discernment, justice and fairness. As a grandfather now, I love to watch my kids relate to their kids! I'm a little biased, but they're doing a great job.

It should be every parent's prayer that each following generation will do better than the one before . . . and, "That as God commanded our parents to teach their children, so the next generation would know (His word), even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children. Then they would put their trust in God and would not forget His deeds but would keep His commands." (Ps 78:5-7)

Peter (aka 'Ed')

2. Profound & Pithy ˆ On Loving

We serve with moist eyes, a tender heart and bended knee.

(C.Y. Kim, China Reaching Asia Mission)

To have dove's eyes (Song of Solomon 1:15)

To love . . . is to be willing to be hurt

Life is short, so forgive quickly . . . believe slowly . . . love truly.

3. The Boutique ˆ How Religious are You?

Religion Checklist (from James 1:26-27): are you . . .

1. Keeping a tight tongue?

2. Visiting orphans and widows?

3. Staying clean?

Visited any widows lately? YWAM has ministries to widows in places like Afghanistan and Rwanda. Recently, Donna and I started making a list of YWAM widows, which I'm sure falls far short of being complete. We want to honor each one who has lost their spouse, so here's who we've thought of so far; their names are in no particular order:

Linda Ohia, Marge Clewett, Fay Williams, Yolanda Olson (YWAM's first widow, in 1976), Gunila Baumann, Helen Garrity, Enid Scratch, Mine Pase, Alice Vogt, Julie Simeon, Jean Darnall, Dorothy Vogt, Kim Darrough, Titi Salindeho, Jean Stephens, Mary Boyd, Gayle Nicholson, Lynda Prince, Rusila Logaivau, Norma Wenge, Melody Green, Eugenia Laster, Abbie Orpia, Ann Davis, Louise Campo, Val Clark, Nancy Hansen, Marian Clarkson, Anne Dyck, Lenni Su'a, Donna McDermid, Lorraine Theetge, Carolyn Malmstadt, Carol Beaumont, Wanda Pickett, Hanny Lalamentik, Kay Hisey, Alexis Wilson*** . . . and widowers: Iain Muir, Rol Birkebak, Derek Chignell, James Choy . . .

(There must be more so, please send names of those you know about.) Also, did you know there's a YWAM Memorial site for those who have died? http://ywam-memorial.org/w/

Let's not forget those who have been 'widowed' by divorce . . .

***Rod, Alexis Wilson's husband who died in early April, gave a message simply entitled 'Jesus.' Many have asked for this CD and it is available by writing to Evelyn Brown at: supertondogirl@gmail.com Postal Address: c/o Evelyn Brown, PO Box 18147, Missoula, MT 59808, USA (Cost: US$10 plus postage, in US $2; Canada $2.50; Overseas $3.50. Checks payable to: 'Alexis Wilson')

3. Donna's Corner ˆ The Family of God

Dear Family,

I sense that 'religious structures' are coming down. Christianity is about lifestyle and 'family,' it‚s not just about going to your 'local church' on Sunday, although that's important. It‚s not about programs and numbers and 'big names.'

God is calling His people out of the 'caves' where they have been hidden to get prepared by God for such a time as this. These hidden ones are hungry and thirsty for truth and reality, and they love His manifest presence.

As God‚s family, we must walk what we talk. No more competing and comparing but strengthening and encouraging one another. It‚s about you and me being continually filled with the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth and love.

*The world cannot accept Him, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him, but you know Him because He lives in you.

*God pours out His love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, if we ask Him.

We must *speak the truth in love because the truth sets us free. This generation is so hungry for truth, when spoken in love.

Living His Kingdom is so simple, it‚s not complicated; it‚s dying so that He can live through us as we walk in obedience to Him, out of our love for Him.

Jesus is our mentor and model. He is the King of Kings, *interceding for us at the right hand of the Father.

During these days, let‚s keep our eyes on Him and our ears in tune to Him, *seeking first His Kingdom and His righteousness.

Each one of us is needed to reflect Jesus and His love. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there‚s freedom.

*And we, who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord‚s glory, are being transformed into His likeness with ever increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.

Each one of us is unique, created for relationship with Him ˆ and each other.

Love and Blessings,

P.S. I have quoted several scriptures (*) in this month's 'Corner', so If you'd like the references, just let me know.

4. Summer Camps in Europe, and a Gathering in Singapore!

SWEDEN (YWAM Restenäs) July 12-18 with Al & Carolyn Akimoff Check the new Swedish website at www.ywamassociates.se
Contact: Roy Jones at ywamrenewalcamps@gmail.com
NORWAY (Skjærgårdsheimen) July 27-Aug 1 with Dan Sneed returning
Contact: Lidvard Andreassen at lidvard@online.no
FRANCE (YWAM Le Gault la Forêt) August 8-15 with Dean Sherman (Camp full with waiting list)
SWITZERLAND (Jura Mountains) August 23-29 with Richard Jones
Contact: Roy Jones at ywamrenewalcamps@gmail.com
and SINGAPORE August 8-10 Seeking God for His plan
Contact: Lin at singaporeintouch@yahoo.com.sg
or Peter at info@ywamassociates.com

And finally . . .

We hear a lot about people being possessed by the devil; God is looking for people that He can possess.

Many Blessings,


Feel free to use anything from this YWAM-eTouch, in whole or in part, in any way that will glorify God and advance His Kingdom.