March 2008: That Was GOOD Friday?

Hallelujah! A late greeting after an early Easter . . . a greeting that translates into just about every language.

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1. Matters that Matter ~ That Was a GOOD Friday?

2. Profound & Pithy ~ Timeless Truths

3. This 'n That 'n Feedback

4. Donna's Corner ~ Wisdom from Billy Graham

5. Renewal Gatherings ~ including a Sneak Preview

1. Matters that Matter ~ That Was a GOOD Friday?

Since I was a little boy I've wondered why that murderous Friday has been called 'good.' The consequences of the day's horrors are obviously good; but what was so good about the bloodshed and carnage to which all of us are accomplices; and of which most of us have been witnesses through The Passion of the Christ movie?

It appears that originally the day may have been called God's Friday. I think Arabs have it right: Sad Friday. Germans have Lamentation Friday, Scandinavians Long Friday. And there are others that more closely describe the sort of day it was.

This past Sad Friday morning was like no other I have ever experienced. On the Kona campus of the University of the Nations, all staff, all students, all Mission Builders, all children ~ everybody ~ gathered in the huge open-sided Ohana Court to honor Christ and ponder His passion. We were seated on three sides of the court with a wide open space in the middle. Waiting in the wings were muscular young men, bearing on their shoulders a rugged and evil-looking cross.

Their slow and ponderous dirge-like entry was accompanied by the seemingly non-rhythmic cacophonous banging and clanging of indigenous Korean drums. By contrast, graceful young women waving lengths of scarlet material, twirled in and around the procession. The young men stood the cross up in the center of the court and the women hurled their pieces of blood-red fabric over the ugly beam to which Jesus' hands had been so brutally nailed.

Then there was silence. Presently, unrehearsed and with great sensitivity, a violinist slowly approached the cross, circling it while drawing such sweet and sad resonance from his instrument; it perfectly matched the somber mood of the crowd. Spontaneously others came forward, some kneeling, some prostrating themselves, some just standing in awe and wonder. If falling tears could be heard, they would have roared like Niagara.

Not given to visions (we seniors are supposed to dream dreams), nevertheless I had a vision. It was of Christ as He was on that Sad Friday, hanging there in His lonely agony; and all of us were the spectators. He was totally naked, as indeed he had been when on the cross. But it was our reactions that captured me in the vision: in shame, we men turned our heads away and then got up and left the place, mimicking the cowardice of most of his disciples.

The women however, bowed their heads and sobbed and wailed, just as the many women at the real crucifixion had done. It was almost too much to bear.

Finally, the cross was borne away. The whole mourning throng that had been unforgettably touched by the recalling of Jesus' sufferings, followed disconsolately.

Early Sunday, well before sunrise, the crimson cloths adorning the cross had been removed and replaced by fragrant flower leis, the beautiful Hawaiian garlands that speak of Aloha ˆ God's Aloha ˆ His love that was expressed on that cross.

He has risen! He has risen indeed!

We're blessed,


2. Profound & Pithy ~ Timeless Truths from David Demian

The only spirit that needs your permission is the Holy Spirit

The correct order of things: Observation, Attraction, Courtship, Commitment, Intimacy

The preacher does not have the right to speak those things to the Bride which the Bridegroom would not say to her

It is our spirit which gets saved; our bodies need healing, our minds need renewing

God uses many people; but few actually walk with Him

Intimacy with God is the foundation of your spiritual walk

3. This 'n That 'n Feedback

Here's an excellent testimony coming out of last month's debt article . . .

Thanks for the financial tidbit. At one time in my life I lived in so much debt ~ car, house, credit ~ that my life was a nightmare. Finally, I sold everything, including the house, to pay it all off and swore I would NEVER be in debt like that again. I haven't and I won't, but to keep that promise, I had to become informed, not just about budgeting but God's principles on how he wants us to handle 100% of our money, not just the 10% we minimally should be giving back.

I took the time to meet with my bank, investment counselors, accountants, etc., and eventually took the Crown Financial Management course (Larry Burkett's former ministry). The solid Biblical basis I received led me to later facilitate it. Now, I'm well on the way to achieving my own dream to one day give God 90% of my funds and keep only 10% for myself. It's exciting, fun, and incredibly rewarding to be an anonymous donor to deserving missionaries, ministries and charities. It beats 'owing' by a mile! It all begins with a decision to get free for God. There's nothing like it! Kaaren Robinson, NL
Looking for help on managing money? Get YWAMer Earl Pitts' book, Wealth, Riches & Money by going to  As well as English, the book is available in Korean, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.
Why Hurt People Hurt People ˆ good understanding and a good read:

4. Donna's Corner ~ Wisdom from Billy Graham

We have just completed leading the three-month lecture portion of the All Nations-All Generations DTS; there were three generations of staff and students (four if you count the kids), all of us walking together. That was great, but it was really all possible because of God‚s presence.

Even though we were the oldest leaders, we are still learning from those who are ahead of us in years and have walked the walk longer. Danny Lehmann, our last teacher introduced us to, 'The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham', as being one of the best books he's read; so I have taken a quick look through it and want to share some of Billy's gems with you. Ponder them, let God speak to you and then apply them in your life. It's not just enough to read these pearls of wisdom; we must believe them with our hearts.

*When wealth is lost nothing is lost. When health is lost, something is lost. When character is lost, everything is lost.

*If a person gets his attitude towards money straight, it will help straighten out almost any other area in his life.

*There is nothing wrong with man possessing riches. The wrong comes when riches posses men.

*The test of a preacher is that his congregation goes away not saying, "What a lovely sermon!" But instead, "I will do something."

*Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are stiffened.

*Mountaintops are for views and inspiration, but fruit is grown in the valleys.

*Comfort and prosperity have never enriched the world as much as adversity has.

*God measures people by the small dimensions of humility and not by the bigness of their achievements or the size of their capabilities.

*Tears shed for self are tears of weakness; but tears shed for others are a sign of strength.

Love and Blessings,


5. Renewal Gatherings ˆ Sneak Preview: a New One

Coming up quickly . . .

June 8-14, Chico, California ˆ Speaker Donna Jordan
Contact Dave McPherson:
Europe 2008: go to for full details on all European Camps

July 6-12, Choose from two in Norway (same week for both)

     *Grimerud, Speaker Dan Sneed ˆ with Peter & Donna Jordan
      Contact Lidvard Andreasson:
     *Land of the Midnight Sun Camp, Borgen, Speaker Al Akimoff
      Contact Roy Jones:
July 13-19, Restenas, Sweden, speakers Derek and Trich Dodd, YWAM Ireland
Aug 2-9, Paris, France, speakers Jeff & Romkje Fountain, YWAM Europe leaders
Aug 24-30, Chatel, Switzerland with Gary & Bev Killingsworth from YWAM Scotland Restenas, Paris & Chatel Camps led by Roy Jones:
Sneak Preview . . . Israel in March 2009. More details next time.

And until that 'next time' here's a parting thought . . .

Familiarity breeds. It breeds boredom, casualness, negligence, a lack of sincerity and a taking-things-for-granted-ness. Family breeds love and closeness.

Many Blessings,


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