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"Mambo!" an East African Swahili greeting this month, commonly used by young people; it slangily translates as, "Things?" as in "How're things?"

eTouch is principally designed and written for the great big worldwide family of former YWAMers ~ the mission is celebrating the Big Five-O this year. And we love it when other friends 'walk' and read along with us. Peter Jordan, Editor

1. Sheep2Sheep ~ The Perfect Family

2. Profound & Pithy ~ Overheard in a DTS

3. Donna's Corner
~ Some Golden Nuggets

4. Boutique ~ Letters & Other Stuff

5. Renewal Gatherings ~ Seven of them, including HAWAII


1. Sheep2Sheep ~ The Perfect Family

Hands up if you remember the 1950s TV show, "Father Knows Best." It was an early family-oriented sitcom, filmed in black-and-white, pretty much triple-G rated and loved by the mid-20th century gang. As the title suggests, father knew best. But as we all know, father didn't always know best; but the outcome of each half-hour episode was warm fuzzies and you came away feeling good. It was heart-warming stuff.

But "Father" soon paled in our eyes, many of us thinking it was soppy stuff and too much of a rosy-colored look at life. So we moved on to Happy Days, The Partridge Family, The Brady Bunch, Family Ties, Bill Cosby and his Huxtable Family, Home Improvement and many more. Somewhere along the way the perfect family became not only not perfect, but it seemed that we had to see them in all their weaknesses; so reality came shouting and screaming into our homes. Let's be real we said, all those early shows weren't true to life, they were set in a dream-world. And I guess we were right, it was a dream world.

Much of the time TV fathers were portrayed as idiots . . . blithering idiots, who couldn't lead their family to the closest McDonalds, much less through the storms of life. So, many of us fathers laughed at these chumps ~ and became dull just like them. Father had morphed into a know-nothing and he was slow-witted and socially inept.

What ever happened to the Fifth Commandment? Honor your father and mother so that you'll have a long life and things will go well with you.

As the TV shows got more and more realistic, family members started to get more real with each other. Or was it vice versa? Were there problems in families all along but we just hadn't talked about it? And then it was like we had been given permission to say and do whatever came into our heads; so the raw side of family life was out there for all to see (and imitate). Does life imitate art? Have we become the better for it? So many questions and I'm not even close to being a sociologist (whatever that is).

Are we just a bunch of sheep, ambling submissively along, seduced by the siren song of the media? Let's not forget that the word 'media' is plural for 'medium' (and a medium is a go-between with the spirit world). Whoa! We're getting way heavy here, let's get back to the perfect family. A perfect family?

There isn't one. At least I've never encountered one. There are no degrees of perfection. There are only levels of happiness, joy and contentment (or lack of these blessings), in all families. But no perfect family. Sorry.

So we talk a lot about this or that family as being 'dysfunctional.' Come on! We all have a degree of dysfunctionality. Blame it on Adam and Eve if you like, but this problem has been around a long time.

The question then is, "Why do we glorify (and laugh at) dysfunctional families?" Do we come away from these shows (or movies), feeling better about life, with the 'cockles of our hearts' warmed (as my Mom liked to say)? Even though we may have laughed (or cried) at the brainless stupidities of TV Dads, I find that I usually come away with an emptiness in my gut.

Or perhaps we just like to see others in a mess, judging and comparing and thinking that we're nowhere near that bad! Judging others is so bad.

Hands up all those who would like to watch a re-run of "Father Knows Best" with me? Even though it's in black and white, the camera-work is prehistoric with not a whole lot of action, maybe we could learn a thing or two, laugh a bit... and wish that life was so simple. And come away with happy hearts.


Oh-Oh! Maybe I was too hasty in saying that all the dysfunctional family TV sitcoms started after the 50s. I just remembered one of my favorite old B&W shows called The Honeymooners with Jackie Gleason... do I need to repent for religiously watching that show every week back then? Ralph Kramden, the bus-driver-buffoon, who roared like King Kong beating his chest, deep down had a soft heart and things always seemed to end up with his ample arms surrounding his long-suffering ~ but quick-witted ~ wife Alice. Happy endings at least!


2. Profound & Pithy ~ Overheard in a DTS

Titles don't lead you; they follow.

God is not in need of your qualifications; he is need of you.

It's not so much what you say that qualifies you; it's what you don't say.

When the Lord calls to ministry, we often finish the sentence.



3. The Boutique ~ Letters . . . We Get Letters (but that's not all)

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Did you know you can take a School of Biblical Studies (SBS) online? You can . . . go to www.fbSBS.org


4. Donna's Corner ~ Some Golden Nuggets

Dear Friends,

I've been waiting and waiting for what God wants me to share in my corner this month. I'd rather not write anything, if He doesn't speak first.

Then when I woke up this morning I sensed Him say, "If My people really love Me, they will obey Me." Such simple but profound truth. Jesus said, "My mother and brothers are those who hear God's word and put it into practice." (Luke 8:21)

We all experience storms and often they hit us without warning, whether we are obeying God or not. If we are walking in His will and in obedience to Him, we have nothing to fear when a storm hits. (Matt 8: 23-27)

Our obedience today affects our future. When you put your hand to the plow don't look back. (Luke 9:62)

God gives, and if we share, He gives more. For those who don't share, He meets their needs because of His love for them.

Jesus didn't initiate, He just walked and talked in obedience to His Father. His heart was to please Him. Is your heart to please Him? God doesn't appreciate what He hasn't initiated.

It's all about our hearts, not our logic or our methods. God will confuse our minds to reach our spirits. Some people God uses; but others He walks with, because He loves their friendship.

What amazing days we're living in. God's hidden treasures are being revealed, and some of His most precious treasures are His friends. I love it, because His friends become my friends almost immediately. His friends are those who love Him, trust Him and walk in obedience to Him. Are you known as a friend of God's? He is revealing hidden treasure for the sake of His Kingdom being established here on earth.

Love and Blessings this Easter season; because He lives and walks and talks with us, we can face tomorrow. Take one day at a time, His grace will be sufficient.



 5. Renewal Gatherings ~ 2010’s Finale in Hawaii

May 31-June 5: GERMANY – YWAM Hurlach (near Munich) with Donna Jordan

Jun 27-Jul 3: NORWAY #1 ARCTIC CIRCLE – Borgen, Land of the midnight sun with Iain Muir

Jul 18-24: SWEDEN – YWAM Restenäs (north of Gothenburg) with Donna Jordan

Jul 26-31: NORWAY #2 – YWAM Skjærgårdsheimen (in the South of Norway near Kristiansand) with David Demian (Watchmen for the Nations Canada), and Peter & Donna Jordan
For this Camp only, contact: Lidvard Andreassen - lidvard@online.no

Aug 8-14: FRANCE – YWAM Le-Gault-la-Forêt (east of Paris in the Champagne Region) with Daniel Schaerer

Aug 22-28: SWITZERLAND – Jura Mountains (close to Vallorbe) with Al & Carolyn Akimoff

For all Camps except Norway #2, go to www.ywamassociates.eu click on ‘Contact’ and email Roy Jones for more info about the Camp you are interested in.

And then, The Family is Gathering . . . in Kona, HAWAII for two great weeks! Plan on coming for both weeks, enjoying a Hawaiian Thanksgiving Luau Feast on the big day, Thursday Nov 25th. (For overseas visitors, Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday time in the U.S.)

*WEEK 1 ~ Nov 21-25: Kona, YWAM Associates International Gathering with several YWAM speakers (next month we will know who they are, but until then, keep this a secret, OK? Darlene Cunningham has indicated she will in all likelihood be with us for a day!) In addition to the Thanksgiving Luau Feast, we are planning a Sunset Beach Picnic.
Click here for details as they become available

. . . and then

*WEEK 2 ~ Nov 29-Dec 4: YWAM's final 2010 50th Anniversary Celebration with everybody you can imagine expected to be there! All the info is being posted on www.ywam50.com/kona If it's not ready when you go there, keep checking.

NOTE: Weeks 1 & 2 must be registered for separately.

And finally . . .

Jesus' instructions with regard to judging others is very simply put; He says, "Don't." The average Christian is the most piercingly critical individual known.

Feel free to use anything from the above, in whole or in part, in any way that will glorify God and advance His Kingdom.

We love to receive your letters—especially when they include email addresses (with Name, City & Country) of your friends who would like to receive eTouch.

Thanks & Many Blessings,

Peter Jordan, Editor

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