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January 2010: A New Years reVolution

Kinga Shinnen!" from us to you in the way they say it in The Land of the Rising Sun. "Happy New Year!"

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1. Sheep2Sheep ~ A New Year's reVolution

2. Donna's Corner ~ It's Time for a Jubilee!

3. 2010 Jubilation Gatherings

1. Sheep2Sheep ~ A New Year's reVolution

We've all heard that someone said, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Each year on January 1st, we humans tend to start strong on some good 'intentions,' or as we call them, "New Year's Resolutions."

Lose weight, more prayer, read through the bible, have disciplined devotional times, quit smoking, start doing this, stop doing that. The list is long, and the changing of habits is tough; many of us lose our resolve by February 1st. The strong resolve we were so sure about right after Christmas, has lost its appeal. I know; I've been there.

Let's start a New Year's Revolution. (No, it's not just a grabby word to describe the same thing.) What I'd like to suggest, is based on something the Bible teaches and what many faithful people have practiced for centuries.

It's about the Year of Jubilee as laid out in Leviticus 25. With 2010 being YWAM's Jubilee, how can we – or anyone – make this once-in-a-lifetime milepost more special than it already is? How can I (or you) practically include some of that wisdom and just plain commonsense into our lives?

How about we ignite a 'Godly Revolution' instead of making a 'Lame Resolution'? Here are two suggestions that could very well light up this Revolution:

1. Get out of debt (not just the money kind)

2. Forgive all debts (yes, even the money kind)

Ah! I hear you say . . . "Easier said than done." True; and the only way it'll happen is if it starts with your heart saying, "Yes!" Then God will provide a way, because it's his way to freedom from the bondage of slavery. Slavery did you say? . . . "The borrower becomes the lender's slave." (Prov 22:7 NASB)

When longtime friend and leader Tom Bloomer speaks, I listen. Tom has given YWAM a word for the year – but it applies to anyone, in or out of YWAM. (Donna and I have already taken action in both of the above points after reading his 'word.') Even though Tom starts out with a "Happy Birthday YWAM!" greeting, his title is actually:

"YWAM’s 50th: Not Just a Birthday!"

Go to our new website to read his letter:’p/news-and-articles/ywam-s-50th-anniversary-not-just-a-birthday/

Or and click on 'News & Articles'

If you’ve read Tom’s urging word from the Lord and you’re thinking, "No way!" think again. God will always provide a way. To apply 'that way' means being open to follow the truth-way to freedom.

"Freedom! from all debt!" – 'in' debt and 'out' debt, and that includes money-debt, forgiveness-debt, broken-promise debt, love-debt – any kind of debt.

Purely and simply, it would be a Revolution of Love!


Peter (your 'Ed')

2. Donna's Corner ~ It's Time for a Jubilee!

Dear Family,

This is the beginning of YWAM’s Jubilee – our first 50 years!

Loren & Darlene Cunningham are now in the middle of the first of several tours that will take them to over 40 nations to celebrate our Jubilee. The staff in Kona (where we are now leading a school for three months), prayed for them, commissioned them and personally gave them enough for this first leg’s airfares to about ten nations from NZ to Australia and on into Asia.

It's not about YWAM. It's about seeing His Kingdom come and His will being done in every sphere of society. As Loren said, and Peter and I have been saying ever since we pioneered YWAM Associates, "If you're in the will of God, wherever you are, you're God's missionary."

"Jubilee" is an explosion of celebration. It's a year of consecration and holiness. Our lives are dependent on God and He wants to restore people (and land) that belong to Him. We are to forgive debts and lay our offences at the cross. New mission movements will be started in the seven spheres. Carriers of the Word have to have deep Christ-like character, because a 'word' from an undisciplined character is poisonous.

The more revelation of Jesus the more we'll walk in humility. I love what Lynn Green said recently: "We don't build to look good, we build with steel."

Thousands will be coming into missions; God's people are getting revelation ~ not just information ~ about what the life of a true follower of Jesus looks like. This year is a year of transition, God is exposing the motives of our hearts, and He is getting us into alignment with His will and His Kingdom. Let us all pray that we will have the clarity of the Word of the Lord restored to us personally, and corporately.

The final 50th Celebration will be here in Kona at the end of November; and the week before, YWAM Associates International will host a Gathering; you might even call it a Pre-Gathering. We've reserved 100 rooms in a hotel on the ocean, so come celebrate, have a holiday, get renewed and reignited for the days ahead. See below for details.

With love and abundant blessings for 2010,


4. Renewal Camps & Gatherings ~ 2010

May 31-June 5, GERMANY – YWAM Hurlach (near Munich),
with Donna Jordan

June 27-July 3, NORWAY – YWAM Borgen (Midnight sun!),
with Iain Muir

July 18-24, SWEDEN – Falun (2½ hours north of Stockholm),
with Donna Jordan

July 26-31, NORWAY – YWAM Skjærgårdsheimen (in the South of Norway near Kristiansand) with David Demian (and Peter & Donna)
Contact: Lidvard:

August 8-14, FRANCE – YWAM Le-Gault-la-Forêt (east of Paris in the Champagne Region) with Daniel Schaerer

August 22-28, SWITZERLAND – Jura Mountains (near Lausanne), with Al & Carolyn Akimoff

Go to: for registration & more info


HAWAII ~ With YWAM speakers and worship leaders, a sunset beach party, a Thanksgiving Luau, a beautiful hotel ~ and much more!

Help us celebrate the first 50 years of YWAM ~ what better place than Hawaii? What better time than American Thanksgiving? Start praying and planning now!

*Nov 21-25: Royal Kona Resort, YWAM Associates International Gathering, with Bob Fitts & JoEllyn Wright leading worship; plus YWAM speakers yet to be confirmed.

*Nov 29-Dec 4: Kona, YWAM's final, final 2010 50th Anniversary Celebration with speakers you will know!

Plan to come for one or both events – we are planning a 'package' for both weeks. More details next time.


And finally, the good Lord didn't create anything without a purpose, but mosquitoes come close.

Many Blessings,


Feel free to use anything from this YWAM-eTouch, in whole or in part, in any way that will glorify God and advance His Kingdom.