November 2006: Do It Afaid ( Part 1)

"Welcome," if this is your maiden voyage with us. 'eTouch' is designed to be a blessing and encouragement to anyone who has been 'YWAM-touched,' anyone who has ever served in Youth With A Mission, or anyone who just kinda likes us . . .
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1. Matters that Matter - Do It Afraid (Part 1)

2. Profound & Pithy - Encouraging Words

3. Feedback - It's Your Turn

4. Donna's Corner - Who can we trust?

5. A Testimony - Give Me This Mountain

6. Renewal Gatherings - including a Korean 'First'


1. Do It Afraid (Part 1)

Fear can paralyze and fear can motivate. We've all experienced this powerful emotion. As a youngster, I remember fearlessly screaming down a hill on my bike, losing control and flying over the handlebars to land in a crumpled heap on the unforgiving pavement; I remember confidently cliff-climbing - sandstone cliff-climbing - and tumbling ashcan over teakettle down to the bottom when a seemingly solid outcropping crumbled at my touch. I have scars to prove these and other foolish daredevil exploits that were part of my early education in boyhood.
But there was an area of fear that gripped me and held me in its clutch for many years. It was the fear of speaking in front of an any-sized group of people and its scars are not visible. This terror - for it was an awful terror - had me in its grasp until about the time Donna and I and our kids joined YWAM.
It all started one Christmas when I was about five or six years old. This fear continued throughout my growing up years, through my years as an Air Force jet pilot and an Air Traffic Controller, into my marriage (my wedding-day speech petrified me - especially the anticipation of it) and on into my career as in business. One-on-one with people was OK, but don't make me open my mouth in front of a crowd.
Oh the trauma of that Christmas! The tree and our home were all festooned with garlands and lights (lighted candles right on the tree in those days; think fire hazard). My Mom and Dad had arranged a little Christmas Eve program in which all of us kids and our friends took part, singing, reciting and skitting (but not dancing; that was not in our repertoire - ever). For my show biz debut I was going to recite that beloved Christmas Carol, "We Three Kings of Orient Are."
For weeks my Mom had drilled me with those familiar words until I had them perfectly committed to memory. My cue came and up I clambered onto the makeshift stage. Turning to face the assembled young and old who were seated all around the room on chairs and on the floor, I opened my mouth and started off, "We Three Kings of . . . " and suddenly everything went blank. I froze. My memory was mush.
I stood there like a dummy for a few seconds, the sound of poorly stifled titters from some of the kids cackling like witches' incantations in my ears; and then I spotted a few adult mouths being covered in order to hide their amused sniggering. Mortified, I leaped off the stage and ran sobbing to my room. No amount of consolation or comfort helped. Healing prayer for this sort thing was not in our experience, so for many years I just clammed up in front of groups of people.
For me I believe my release from this fear came from a combination of Donna's encouragement and grace, having kids of our own, leading our Sunday School and eventually joining YWAM. It's been a rich mixture for me and I can truthfully say that I am healed of stage fright.
God said to Paul that His grace was sufficient; and that weakness perfects strength. If you have any kind of weakness - especially fears, rational or irrational - claim that verse for yourself (2 Cor 12:9). Don't let fear hinder you from God's purposes in your life. In order to conquer fear it must be faced head on. Do it afraid.
David said, "Whom shall I fear . . . whom shall I dread? The Lord is the defense of my life." Ps 27:1 Next time, Part 2 - tune in for an adult fear; "It was a dark and smoky night . . . "
Till then, do it afraid. And be blessed.


2. Profound & Pithy - Encouraging Words

Sign with attitude (observed in Billy & Ruth Graham's home) hanging in ironic humor on Ruth's bedroom door, behind which she lies in constant pain:

We do not stop playing because we are old; we grow old because we stop playing.
Remember, growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.
We make a Living by what we get; we make a Life by what we give.
God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage. If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it.
Good friends are like stars . . . You don't always see them, but you know they're always there.


3. Feedback - It's Your Turn

Your lovely story about Wurmbrand and Donna's We Need Each Other article, the proverbs from the nations, the limericks - well, I guess I loved it all!
Keep it coming! John Childers, NV

Oh darn!  I was going to write a limerick or two and how is it that the next e-Touch came before I did that?  Oh well, next time... Barb Overgaard

Thank you, again, for eTouch.  I am always blessed as I read it, moved to tears and laughter, and closer to our Lord. Anita Lopez, VA

I just love receiving eTouch each time. What a blessing it was for our family to be a part of the Chico gathering this past June. We were really ministered to in a great way. We are already talking about going next year.
I am so glad you have activities planned for the children and include them in worship time. Please pray for me as I will be going on a short term mission trip to Albania with a team from our church, Nov 29 - Dec 10. Stacy Landrum, TN

Thanks... especially for 'Impossible is Nothing' and the 'Earthquake' both of which really spoke into our situations. Patricia Wong, England

eTouch brings joy to my heart, even some 33 years out from my year with YWAM in 1973-74 in France, Lausanne, and a mid-East field trip! It was life-changing, and helped set the best course for the rest of my life! Paul Hayden, IL

Hello me ole fruit! 'ow goes it? Just had a moment to look through the latest eTouch. Good stuff old chap! Sue Pollard, New Zealand

eTouch makes me feel connected to YWAM. I miss my YWAM friends and the sense of community I felt with them. Though not all my experiences were positive, what has stuck with me are the memories of Christ's love expressed through his people, imperfect as we are. I wish I could bring the wisdom and healing I've gained back into the situations that caused me pain and anger. Naomi Lasdon, VA

Wanted to say again how much I love hearing from you.  Thank you.

I was re-reading your August Matters that Matter (Sacred or Secular?) article and wanted to tell you something exciting. This past weekend we ordained people in four different categories: Marketplace, Civil (Government), Family & Education and Five Fold. It was an awesome time.
Our Pastor has been having monthly meetings for the past two and a half years with local businessmen and women with the intent to encourage them that they are anointed ministers in the places that God has put them.
I wanted to tell you this so that you might be encouraged by putting the proper perspective back into the church. How much have we been missing out on by letting 2% of the people do all the work ALL should be sharing it. The Galloways, IL


4. Donna's Corner - Who can we trust?

There have been two quite different situations these past two weeks that have made me ask the question, "Who can we trust?" One was a spiritual leader who fell, a leader very respected in the body of Christ.
The other was an amazing email I received about Billy Graham; I was rejoicing over the victory I read about, passed it on to others only to find out a few hours later that it was a false report, even though it was a good report.
Trust is essential in our lives. Trust is necessary for relationship. The more intimate the relationship, the more costly the commitment; examples are in marriage and toward our leaders. I said to my husband Peter, "Who can we trust?" He relied, "There has never been a moment in our married life when I didn't trust you." Trust is a choice; it's a risk we take. It means being vulnerable. It's always easier for us to expect people to trust us, than for us to trust others.
"A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret." Prov 11:1
Trust is always involved in our relationship with God; we call it faith. I remember one of our daughters came to me and said, "Mom, either God is who He says He is, or He's not; I'm going to believe He is. And either the Bible is true or it's not; and I'm going to believe it is." That changed her life.
We can't be known as God's friend if we don't trust Him; God is looking for friends that He can trust. "He confides in those who fear Him." Psalm 25:14 The righteous must walk by faith. We CAN trust God. He will never leave us or forsake us. "As the scripture says, anyone who trusts in Him will never be put to shame." Romans 10:11 "The Lord's unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in Him." Ps 32:10 People will let us down, but we must continually walk in forgiveness and extend grace. Forgiveness restores love; time and commitment restore trust.
The last few days I've been praying, "Lord, I want to be a friend you can trust. I want to be a mother (spiritual and physical) who my children can trust; a wife that her husband can trust; and a safe and trustworthy friend to others that you have put in my life. Please examine my heart, and I ask you for the fear of the Lord in what I communicate and the attitude of my heart. Create in me a clean heart."
Are you a friend of God's? Are you a friend to others who trust you?
Do you think Jesus trusted His disciples?
Love and Blessings,


5. A Testimony - Give Me This Mountain

Pushing 80 and still going strong.

Dr Charles & Doris Marshall (Kona CDTS 1980) write about their next four-month medical mission in West Africa in the Baptist Hospital in Ferke, Ivory Coast in West Africa... They remind me of Caleb, who at 85 wouldn't quit (read Joshua 14:6-15).
"We just returned home from there in April after a tour of three months.
Recently we were told of a desperate need for help, so we're off again. The political situation is still volatile especially in Abidjan. We plan to be gone from December 9 to April 16. The hospital has been struggling financially ever since the country was divided by civil strife in 2002.
We'll be trying desperately to provide much needed help to the destitute population of the north of Cote d'Ivoire."
If you would like to support this veteran missionary couple, write to me (Peter) at


6. Renewal Gatherings for 2007

First, a letter about the July 2006 Renewal Gathering in Restenäs, Sweden

We had hoped for a relaxing family holiday with spiritual input and refreshing, and you really exceeded our expectations... the children were so well looked after - they just loved it. And the food was lovely. It was fantastic not to have to think about cooking for a week. These two things made the week so relaxing, and gave us time to think through the teaching and ministry without the usual distractions of everyday life. The pace was perfect with worship and teaching in the morning, leaving room for fun and fellowship in the afternoon and evening. So we've come away feeling inspired, re-envisioned, and with a renewed passion for Christ and his kingdom. Thank you so much - the kids keep asking if we can come back next year. So I'm sure we'll see you again.

Sandy & Carina, Carl, Robert & Emmy Erskine, UK

Down Under

January 14-20, Sydney, Australia with David Demian (Watchmen for the Nations)
And with Peter & Donna Jordan: Contact Peter West at

January 20-27, Orama, on beautiful Great Barrier Island near Auckland - with a theme of generational restoration of relationships; John Dawson & David Demian; and with Peter & Donna Jordan. Check it out at or contact Jeanetta McQuoid,

June 4-8, Chico, California - our first Korean Gathering! Speaker: Pastor Ron Smith. Co-leaders: Pastor Kwak Sookwang & Song Jungmee with Peter & Donna Jordan.
Korean speaking contact: Hephzibah Zeleny:

June 10-16, Chico, CA - our annual Gathering. Speakers: Dan Sneed & Donna Contact Laurie at

For the following July & August Camps contact Roy Jones, our European Coordinator at or go to

July 8-14, Restenäs, Sweden - Speaker TBA. With Roy & Shirley Jones

July 15-21, Grimerud, Norway - Speaker TBA. With Peter & Donna Jordan

July 28-Aug 4, Jura Mountains, Switzerland with Andreas & Angela Frész - "Destiny by Design." And with Roy & Shirley Jones

Aug 11-18, Near Paris, France - with Donna Jordan - "Listening to God"


Feel free to use anything from 'eTouch,' in whole or in part, in any way that will glorify God and advance His Kingdom.

And finally, some wisdom from Mother Teresa.
"If you judge people you have no time to love them."