November/December 2009: Husbands, Love Your Wives

eTouch with it's new name greets you this month . . . but, you ask, "What in the world is a 'Pastorale'? Is it some kind of Italian side dish?" Or, "Is it something to do with pastures and sheep?" You're getting close. The dictionary defines 'pastorale' as a 'tender melody in a moderately slow rhythm suggestive of traditional shepherds' music.'

Though you can't sing or hum this little e-zine, we want it to be 'tender' and 'shepherd-like' and 'comforting'; yet at the same time challenging. You'll find the reason for the name change near the bottom.

[Note: I have had some fierce opposition to this new name from some of our loyal staff, but they shall remain nameless. However we will throw this open and in true democratic style you may offer a 'better' suggestion for a name. Or let me know if you like this one. Peter Jordan, Editor]

1. Matters that Matter  Husbands, Love Your Wives . . .

2. Profound & Pithy - Money (burns a hole in your pocket)

3. A Potpourri of Mostly Mushy Stuff

4. Donna's Corner - Don't Be Afraid!

5. Renewal Gatherings - Israel Coming Up

1. Matters that Matter - Husbands, Love Your Wives . . .

A Crisis in Bed
I've had the blessing of performing a small number of wedding ceremonies, most recently for my daughter Laurie. As part of my exhortation to the couple, I always look the groom straight in the eyeballs and say, "In Ephesians 5, Paul emphasizes that you are to love your wife (even to the point of death), just as Christ gave himself up for the church. This means that in all areas of life you are to meet her needs before your own are met." Looking back, I now realize that I have been speaking those words a bit self-righteously; and very hypocritically.

Not many months ago, on a YWAM base in a nation that shall remain nameless, my hypocrisy came home to roost. I had a crisis in bed. Donna and I had just arrived and we were guests in a comfy little flat; I was already jetlaggedly reading a magazine, barely able to stay awake. Donna was in the tiny bathroom, preparing to retire for the night.

Suddenly I heard an un-muffled shriek. The flushing mechanism for the 'BC' (Bathroom Commode as our friend Dan Sneed likes to call it), was driven by a kind of pulverizing, motorized blender that propels its 'cargo' at the speed of light through pipes to wherever that sort of cargo goes. But not this time!

A pipe fitting had burst. Try to imagine the scene: the floor flooded with a noxious cocktail, the disgusting odor permeating the whole apartment. Showing my true colors, I pulled the blanket over my head and said to myself, "This is not happening and I'm not here." I was in agony. Donna appealed to me for help. I couldn't move. I weakly suggested that she get someone to call someone. I went deeper under the covers. I willed myself to be somewhere else. My will was not that powerful.

After a phone call, help came, it was one of the staff. He immediately started to gag and had to leave. A younger staff guy, three weeks off his honeymoon, arrived to render assistance, and temporarily patched up the pipe. Donna started mopping. "I am a coward, I am a coward," I repeated over and over. I go a little deeper under the covers and try to sleep. My acute sense of discernment tells me that Donna is not impressed.

Donna then waded in, wearing a pair of Crocs and swabbed things up using about 500 rolls of paper towel and a mop. She turned on the tap in the shower to rinse the mop and 'thar she blows' again; every drop of everything, goes through that 'blender,' even the shower water. So she got sprayed again. But the coward is feigning sleep. I've been praying that a special 'BC' angel will appear with a giant vacuum cleaner, offering comfort and cleanup for Donna. The stink is beyond description. I scrunch down, deeper still beneath the flimsy protection offered by the blanket.

When all that could be done was done, Donna comes to bed mumbling that it is all fixed. There is a chill in the bed. I burble a weak, cowardly apology and try to go to sleep. Not likely, though my exhausted darling immediately drops off. It's 1:30am.

By 4:15 I am wide awake, still jetlagging, so I sneak out of bed. Bathroom looks OK, but the smell, well, it defies description. Donna, I learned later, had sprayed everything with Eternity perfume; interesting bouquet of fragrances: toilet water (but definitely not 'Eau de Toilet,' the kind that you buy in a Perfume Department). I boldly re-repaired the separated pipe (my family mockingly calls me 'Bill' every time I pick up a screwdriver. I am about as gifted in household repairs as Bill Cosby's Dr Huxtable).

I confidently flush. Bad decision. She blows again. No paper towels left so I use toilet paper, rolls and rolls and rolls of it. I more or less get things mopped up, patch the pipe again, thinking to myself, 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread,' . . . and dare to take a shower. The pipe holds (kindly note that, my family!). I complete my morning routine and get out of there. The stench is worse than you can imagine.

I make coffee and sit down to wait for Judgment Day. It comes. I weakly stammer, "Like some coffee, dear?" Then some more humbling and asking for forgiveness, but the air is still pretty cool , and I don't mean Celsius. We're not ready to laugh about things yet . . . maybe in about 50 years.

That morning as we're sitting in a meeting, I become aware of the reek of the Eternity cocktail again. I sniff our clothes. Nothing there. Then I notice Donna is wearing her 'wading' Crocs which she had simply rinsed off. Not good enough.

Later we move to another room in another building. It is far enough away. I think. The old apartment is temporarily condemned, a new toilet will be installed. I hope it is a regular one where just water and gravity take care of things.

Finally Donna laughs. Long and loud. Everybody else laughs too. I wrote and told the story to my kids and they lol-ed their heads off.

But not me; not the coward.

So husbands, remember the vows we all made.

Humbled Peter

2. Profound & Pithy - Money (burns a hole in your pocket)

It's better to give it away than to have it taken away

It's better to give it away than burn it up in the furnace of credit card interest

It's better to be free of debt than in bondage (the borrower is the lender's slave)

Finally, Three from The Message

"Lust for money brings trouble and nothing but trouble." (1Tim 6:10)

"Don't be obsessed with getting more (money). Be relaxed with what you have. God assured us, 'I'll never let you down, never walk off and leave you . . .'" (Heb 13:5)

"Don't run up debts, except for the huge debt of love you owe each other." Rom 13:8

3. A Potpourri of Mostly Mushy Stuff

I was inspired by the last eTouch and the stories in it. I too, had to wait a long time before I met my husband. Many well meaning people told me I should give my desire over to God,  that He might have called me to be single. But, the way I looked at it, I had asked God to please speak to me very clearly if He wanted me to stay single (so I could accept His will and learn how to live abundantly in it), and I hadn't heard anything. So, I kept expecting a husband. When I was 43 and living in Switzerland . . .
Maria (Grantham) Wenger, New Zealand [For the rest of the story, drop me a note; too long and too controversial for these tender pages! Ed]
Lack of color photos and fancy layout doesn’t matter, eTouch is so encouraging. Without comparison, it holds the news I appreciate most of all. It is a ministry in itself. September & October editions made such an impact on me because you are pointing at fundamental values in life (See Gen 2:18) in the Potpourri from the Love & Marriage Boutique. Lars Freim, Norway
Laurie's testimony was heartwarming. God promised me a husband about 33 years ago, and despite having terminal cancer and nearly dying twice in 1993 I am still waiting. It is very, very hard because there is a real stigma in the UK, not only in the world, but in the church where there appears to be no support for single people. The focus is on the family. Name Withheld
Could you please email me the second part of Laurie's love story! I need some encouragement in that area right now! Name withheld, USA [You can look up any of the old editions at and go to News.]
Dear Donna, thank you so much. Sitting in an internet cafe in Cambodia, in a hot and humid climate, covered in mosquito bites, your 'Thank You' article really spoke to me. It totally reminded me of you: that you would notice the tree and be grateful for it.
Then it encouraged me so much. Although I'm in Cambodia, leading an outreach team and often wondering why God put me here, and thinking how I'm by far not the perfect leader, there's so much to thank Him for. It inspired me to look at the little things too. The small tree, making pancakes at night, talking to my mom on Skype!
Ruth Klapwijk, Switzerland
Thank you for your Arabic greeting, but I would like to tell you that: Salaam-aleykum, Peace be on you, is the Islamic way in greeting . . . We as Arabic speaking Christians say: Salam-lakom, Peace be with you. (Luke 24:36) Nazem Demian, Canada

4. Donna's Corner - Don't Be Afraid!

As we approach Christmas 2008 we are reminded of what the angels said to the shepherds who were caring for their sheep; "Don't be afraid, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for ALL people", and suddenly a host of angels appear, praising God and saying, "Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rests." We as God's people, have nothing to fear when we're walking in obedience to Him.

God hasn't changed, we have. Our security can be in so many other things and even people; instead we must keep our eyes on Jesus. God is revealing Himself to ALL people in different ways. When we were in Egypt recently, our friend was telling us how a Bedouin had come to his gate, knowing him to be a Christian and said, "Jesus just came to me in a vision; can you tell me more about who Jesus is?"

What amazing days we live in! Yes there's persecution, and fear always lurks; but our God, like Aslan the lion, is on the move. A new sound of taking back what the enemy has stolen can be heard. A Gideon's army that is listening to their commanding officer is being recruited for such a time as this. Get prepared! God's people are a "bride in army boots." (Rev 19:5-16)

We pray for God to bless you abundantly this Christmas season and as you begin a new year. Remember: DON'T BE AFRAID!

Love & Blessings,


5. Renewal Gatherings Israel: Early Bird discount is later!

Jan 11-17, near Sydney, Australia with Jeff & Diane Littleton, "Father Heart of God"
Contact: Peter West
Mar 8-14, Israel; "What is God Saying in These Days?" with David Demian of Watchmen for the Nations, Canada; and with Peter & Donna Jordan

Early Bird discount on the registration fee for Israel now extended to Dec 15th when it goes from $50 to $70. Info: or go directly to to register online.

David Demian, born, raised and trained as a doctor in the Middle East, has a unique view of, and relationship to the Jews and Israel. His 14 year journey with the Canadian church as it relates to Israel and the Jews is well documented go to click on 'The Journey' followed by 'Call to Repentance.'
NORWAY (Hamar/Grimerud): July 5-10 with Dan Sneed returning
Contact: Lidvard Andreassen at
Following four Camps contact: Roy Jones at NORWAY (Lapland): July 5-11 with Al & Carolyn Akimoff returning
SWEDEN (YWAM Restenäs) July 12-18 with Al & Carolyn Akimoff
FRANCE (YWAM Le Gault la Forêt) August 8-15 with Dean Sherman
SWITZERLAND (Jura Mountains) August 23-29 with Richard Jones

NOTICE: In changing the name of this e-zine (as well as ceasing publication of inTouch magazine in 2005), we are responding to requests from others in the body of Christ who own the copyrights to these names.
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Many Blessings,


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