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“Xin Chào!” is our cheery greeting from Viet Nam, this month. Enjoy the goodies laid out for you here . . .

1. Sheep2Sheep ~ The Lonely Walk

2. Profound & Pithy ~ Sometimes . . .

3. Boutique ~ Children’s Storyteller To Make Comeback?

4. Donna’s Corner ~ Did You Know?

5. Renewal Gathering ~ The Last of 2010 – it’s in Kona!

6. And Finally . . .

1. Sheep2Sheep ~ The Lonely Walk

Grandpa Jordan on Bike white font .jpgMy Dad never had an iPod. He walked a lot all his life, and in his later years I’m sure those were lonely strolls. My Mom went on to heaven a dozen years before he did and he never remarried.

Of course iPods, Walkmans and even audiocassettes weren’t invented back then. If he’d wanted to listen to music while he walked, Dad would have had to trudge around with a 40lb reel-to-reel tape recorder in a backpack—and that’s pretty funny to even think about.

So, I kind of think Dad’s walks were lonely times for him. Or were they?

As for me, my walks are alone but not lonely. Alone, because when Donna and I walk together for exercise, we soon find ourselves in two different time zones (my legs are a foot longer and seem to have an independent spirit). Unlike my father, I do have an iPod and it’s rejuvenated my physical life . . . along with me trying to eat the right stuff. And maybe it’s done some good spiritually too, because most of what I listen to is Godly music.

(OK, a confession: I kinda like a bit of Yanni and I’ve kept one Beatles song – ‘Michelle’ – because I have a daughter by that name. And since I’m still confessing, in my Playlist is that great storyteller, Garrison Keillor, who rambles on laconically about life in Lake Wobegon, Minnesota; but tuning in to him is just plain dangerous when you’re out walking . . . either you fall over from laughing at this funny man; or you’re afraid someone’s going to call for the men in white to haul you away because you are disturbing the peace.)

Forgive me I’m sorry; I got sidetracked by a red herring that had me hopping down a bunny trail going to market with this little piggy. (Give me grace - I have a new granddaughter.)

Where were we? Oh yes, walking. Nowadays I love walking and my iPod helps me to worship and pray in the personal ‘onlyness’ of an hour in the fresh air. I recommend that you make a place for a routine walk as being good soul food and a good self-discipline that leads to a good habit. Like many habits, it takes about three months until you’re addicted. And my dad was hooked on walking.

But then, I’m probably totally wrong in thinking Dad’s walks were lonely. Very likely, he was reminiscing about the 43 years he had given to China and its people. Or maybe praising God a capella in song (though I must say, he was no George Beverly Shea!)

Undoubtedly, he would have been praying that the ‘seeds’ which he and thousands of other missionaries had planted, would spring up and be watered and warmed by the Son, growing into a church that would last – and bear much fruit.

I wonder if in Dad’s prayers he could have imagined the size of the orchard and the quality of the fruit that is the Chinese church today.

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2. Profound & Pithy ~ Sometimes . . .

Sometimes God calms the storm; sometimes He calms the sailor.

Sometimes you’re the only bible that people get to read.

Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down.

Sometimes questions are more important than answers.

Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.”

Sometimes I wish I were a kid again; skinned knees are a lot easier to fix than a broken heart.

Sometimes the answer to prayer is not that it changes life, but that it changes you.

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple. Dr Seuss

Sometimes the person you fall for isn't ready to catch you.

Sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast. Lewis Carroll

3. Boutique ~ Children’s Storyteller To Make Comeback?

“I neglected to READ the Zack & Liz story . . . so I immediately searched (for) the June eTouch, to read it and to chuckle. Guess I’m slow to get certain things. Took me 3/4 of the story to figure out what it was all about, and why. LOL. Donna's Corner was very encouraging. This will teach me NOT to neglect to read all of eTouch! Keep 'em coming, wonderful gem in my inbox.” Jennifer Armerding
“I've just now read your very clever children's story called 'Zach & Liz' in the June issue eTouch, and I thought that it was not only one of the cutest and most heart-warming ones that I've ever read, and will share with my children and others this coming Christmas, but also one of the most profound ways to communicate Scripture to young and old alike.”
Brent Hegle
Here’s a follow-up to the story of the late Tom Little, former YWAMer, murdered in Afghanistan back in early August.

‘Suffering’ was one day’s theme at the recent Lausanne Cape Town Congress. Libby Little shared details of her husband's and 9 other aid workers cruel murders in Afghanistan. There were no dry eyes as she explained how his suffering and death was - like Christ's - a sacrifice he was willing to make for the Afghan people whom he had lived with, served and loved deeply as a doctor for over 30 years. 

4.Donna’s Corner ~ Did You Know?

I’m on my way home from speaking at the ‘Gleanings For The Hungry’ DTS and I tell you, I’m so very encouraged by what is happening there on that base in Central California. It's amazing how many people they are reaching and the thousands of poor they are feeding. Their first container to Israel was just shipped.

Did you know that Gleanings For The Hungry . . .

Was founded in 1982 by Wally and Norma Wenge

Is a mercy arm of YWAM

Has shipped food to over 80 nations since its inception

Sent 4,400,970 pounds of food in 120 containers to 30 nations and 48 ministry partners, just in 2009

Are given unwanted fruit and vegetables from all over the US and Canada

Will host over 2500 volunteer workers in 2010

Their staff and volunteers have blended approximately 35 million servings of soup of which 5 million were blended for the first time this summer of 2010

They processed 9 million pounds of fresh fruit this summer amounting to 562,607 pounds of dried fruit

There’s a Fall DTS every year

20 devoted staff members serve full time, but they need more!

You can visit their website at www.gleanings.org to get more information

This is one of the Best Kept Secrets in YWAM, and there’s a written history all about Gleanings

The youngest volunteer they have had was 2 and the oldest in their 90s

Isn't that wonderful? No one who is reasonably healthy should be sitting in his or her rocking chair! There's no such thing as retirement in the Kingdom of God. Rick and Lynn O'Dwyer lead Gleanings for the Hungry, and would welcome help, especially teams or church groups. Their daughter, who did her DTS with us in Kona two years ago, is now running an orphanage with 10 needy children in Haiti.

Sometimes we don't know what is available or where we can serve short term, so I thought I'd do a little "Did You Know?"

Love and Blessings,
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5. Renewal Gathering ~ The Last of 2010 – it’s in Kona!

We’ve been holding a few hotel rooms, but now we’re about to let them go, so here’s your last chance to register for a great Thanksgiving Week of YWAM-ishness in a holiday setting . . .

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6. And Finally . . . Two Chinese words of wisdom:

Don’t forget your origins. Don’t take the credit.

Till next time, remember that you (and I) are blessed people,

Peter Jordan, Editor

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