September 2007: Me & Music

Hej! Hei! Hæ! Hey! These multi-greetings come to you in the languages of Scandinavia (including Iceland & the Faroe Islands). . .

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1. Matters that Matter - Me & Music

2. Profound & Pithy - C.S. Lewis

3. Feedback ˆ It's Your Turn

4. Donna's Corner - Amazing Days

5. This 'n That - 'n a Little More

6. Renewal Gatherings - Times of Refreshing

1. Matters that (sorta) Matter ˆ Me & Music

Once Was A Bugler

Accomplished musicians and seriously intelligent people may wish to jump down to Profound & Pithy because what follows is for run-of-the-mill musically ungifted people (like me). I write this with the firm belief that 98.4% of people love music but understand very little about it, neither knowing a sharp from a flat nor a bassoon from a buffoon. And we don‚t care; but music is an important part of our lives.

My earliest recollection of liking something musical was when I was about seven years old; our family, missionaries in China, owned a gramophone (this was a windup turntable thingy upon which you played 78rpm records, using a tiny replaceable needle that most of the time followed the grooves (scratchily), and had to be replaced frequently. Recognizable music actually came out of a horn-shaped speaker. It sounded nothing like my iPod (more about that later).

The first tune I remember and upon which I cut my melodic teeth was, 'In a Persian Market' by Albert Ketelby; he wrote sort of classical music about a hundred years ago. That piece plus some others of his, went deep, and to this day bring back early and sweet memories.

My next foray into the world of music was when I was 11 and in prison, prison being a Japanese Concentration Camp in Shanghai during World War Two. Towards the end of our three years of lock-up, I took up my first musical instrument - a bugle. There being no PA system, this brassy instrument was blown to inform the 1800 fellow prisoners to wake up (Reveille), to eat (Come to the Cookhouse Door, Boys), and to go to bed (Last Post). After months of squeaky, bleating rehearsals in a remote corner of our barbed wire-surrounded prison, I was let loose to take a regular turn at informing all and sundry of the next event. I didn't do too badly. Unfortunately my new musical vocation was abruptly suspended when we were liberated and had to go home. Who knows what I might have become had the Japanese not surrendered?

Then when I was 13 and in a boarding school in England, I took up the trumpet, imagining that this would be an easy transition from the bugle; there were now three piston valves to press, whereas on the bugle there had been none. For lack of motivation and without the necessary discipline, with minimal inner giftedness and with greater love for sports, I quit. Cold turkey.

But a strange thing happened to reawaken something within me. A guy who had a ticket to Handel's Messiah, got sick and gave it to me. Without the slightest interest, not even knowing who Handel was, but not having anything else to do on a Saturday night, I went. To say that at age 13, I was smitten, enthralled and ravished by the sounds and sights of this glorious music, is to understate a new passion within me. Music pierced my heart and I quickly developed a love for all kinds of music (well not quite all kinds). From Rock & Roll to Rachmaninov; from Neil Diamond and the Beatles to Bach and Tchaikovsky, I love it all. Even Yanni.

Who puts the love of music - whether or not we have talent - in our hearts? God of course. A man by the name of Jubal is the first musician recorded in the Bible (well, he wasn't exactly 'recorded' as we think of it today); Jubal played basic guitar and some sort of blowing instrument (Gen 4:21). We all know that David was a musician but did you know that Moses sang a song? Even God sings. Look it up - Zephaniah 3:17 (KJV). Music is big in the Bible.

And music has been big for David & Dale Garratt of Scripture in Song. They are probably more responsible than anyone else in the world for the spread of contemporary praise and worship songs (they started making recordings in 1967!); and they have encouraged and released many other musicians and songwriters. But they have been quiet for a few years. But quiet no more.

Anyway, Dave & Dale have come up with a new CD of songs like no other I have heard. Backed by a symphony orchestra, the vocals have an island lilt with beautiful words that hit home. In fact the album is called 'Coming Home.' We'll have more on that next time - it is almost ready to be distributed.

(This is going to sound a bit like bragging, but many years ago, Dale Garratt - over David's objections - published and recorded a song that I had composed. Can you imagine how encouraging that was? Now here's some real bragging: I also co-wrote two more songs with JoEllyn Wright for her CD "The Journey.") There's mostly untapped musical talent in all of us.

Where were we? Oh yes, we were looking at how God puts the love of music into us. In some form, music is part of the warp and weave of each one of us. Music is a gift from God. And songs are often memory timeposts of past events (remember the year that Keith Green gave us his version of Holy, Holy, Holy? It was 1982, the year he tragically died in an airplane crash).

And finally, music keeps me fit. How's that, you ask? This year, Donna gave me an iPod for my birthday. Like most kids today, my teenage granddaughter has one and I had always thought this couldn't be for me. Well, Leilani - for that is her name - helped me buy my iPod and now it is my constant companion on my daily four-mile walks. Whereas I used to have to grab myself by the scruff of my neck to do any kind of regular exercise, nowadays I can't wait to stick those little buttons in my ears, and haul off on a brisk hour of body, soul and spirit-maintenance.

Aren't you glad my bugling days are over?


2. Profound & Pithy - From C.S. Lewis

Love anything and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken. If you want to be sure of keeping it intact, you must give your heart to no one - not even to an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safely in the casket or the coffin of your selfishness. But, in that casket-safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, unredeemable. The only place outside heaven where you can be safe from all the dangers and perturbations of love is hell.   C.S. Lewis, The Four Loves

3. Feedback - It's Your Turn

I wish to respond to your articles on spiritual fatherhood. Here I am saved for 32 years out of a very broken home. Anyways, I went to YWAM and the Biblical Counseling School in Hawaii (the blessings of the Lord eh!), throughout which there was much teaching on "the father heart of God." At the time, I just didn't get it at all and I didn't understand what the big deal was. "So get on with it, you had a rotten dad - you're saved now - be thankful." That was my attitude and in truth it's been that way until very recently, July 07 in fact, that I finally got revelation on the significance of not having had a father who was there for me. I loved my dad, I'm not complaining, I'm just saying . . . I now understand what I lost in never having had that godly relationship, there was so very much brokenness, so very much fear of attempting anything because I was so alone. On and on, you know the story. So, let's hear it for spiritual fathers. Stand up and take your place wherever you are, the body needs you. Debbie, Canada


Many kernels of truth and especially appreciated your thoughts on fathers. In the Garden touched me also, partly because I know so well Tom Bloomer's gardening skills and his mulching prowess. Anybody who lived near the Bloomers in Lausanne knows something about mulch! Janet Potter, USA


It was great to get the latest issue of eTouch, especially your article on spiritual fathers. Howard Malmstadt was the spiritual father of the University of the Nations and a role model who touched thousands of lives in our mission.
John Feaver, son of Douglas and Margaret, has lovingly written "Into the Light," Howard's wonderful life story, recently printed by YWAM Publishing.

You can obtain the book from YWAM Publishing or go to a special UofN website


I just wanted to write to say thank you, as so many have, for your labors of love. My children love YWAM and love to hear stories of when mommy was 'imaginary,' a term my then 4-year old daughter coined when she couldn't quite pronounce 'missionary.' Some days it does seem 'imaginary,' then eTouch arrives and it all comes back in vivid color. Nadene Franklin (nee Schutt), USA


I want you to know that I was crying out to the Lord to hear him a couple of weeks ago and He is answering my prayer. It has been gentle but awakening. Your articles (Fatherhood & In The Garden) are absolute confirmation to what the Lord has been speaking to me. Perfect Timing! Dena Johnson, USA


Recently, Suzanne Johnson (YWAM 1980s) had the opportunity to share her testimony with her church. She details her horrific walk through a valley of darkness and how the Lord was her Shepherd throughout some incredibly difficult times. You can read it all at:

4. Donna's Corner - Amazing Days

What amazing days we live in. I have just returned from a seven-nation, ten-week teaching trip, in obedience to God. I'm not impressed with what I have done but I am so excited as to what God is doing, if we will only submit to Him. There is no time to compete and compare, the King of Kings wants to get people into place, so His Kingdom can be established; BUT during this period of time we all need to let Him circumcise our hearts and consecrate ourselves to His purposes and plans (Joshua chapters 3-5). Listen to what He says to you.

Part of the trip was leading the Prayer Shield for the Global Leadership Team (GLT) as they met in Korea. We heard the Word of the Lord for YWAM together. God has a vision in His heart for YWAM if we will just listen to Him and obey. There is such a powerful anointing on some of our leaders for such a time as this. Korea is a nation of prayer warriors and it was such a privilege to meet with approximately 60 prayer leaders who head up large prayer groups in the nation.

No man will be able to control what God is doing, and no man can take the glory. It's all about Jesus being lifted up! Know the power of prayer when righteous people pray!

It's not about YWAM. YWAM was God's dream and he looked for a man who would help Him fulfill that dream, and He found Loren Cunningham. God is looking for men, women and children who will fulfill His dreams and visions.

Nineteen years ago, God called us back to Canada after 12 years in Kona and gave us the vision for YWAM Associates International. We started slowly and didn't understand it all at the time, but as we walked in obedience, He started to unfold His plan.  Living in Vancouver, we met a man of prayer, Pastor Bob Birch (who will be 100 years old this December), and who had started Watchmen for the Nations, a ministry of prayer principally for Canada.

As his years advanced, Pastor Bob commended David Mohsen Demian, a young doctor from Egypt who had been walking with him, to carry on the ministry. Now 12 years later Watchmen, is a nationwide movement within the Canadian church. On September 13th, the Jewish New Year, we completed 52 days of consecration as a nation, having crossed Jordan and allowing the Lord to circumcise our hearts.

Be encouraged, and as Joshua said, "Choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve . . . But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD," in the amazing days.

Love & Blessings,


5. This'n That - 'n a Little More

Global Target Network (GTN), founded by Dave Gustaveson, along with YWAM Associates, have a lot in common. Our hearts are to follow up all who have served in the mission and then returned home, to help them in their transition. YWAM Associates is principally a ministry of ongoing encouragement, offering eTouch and weeklong Renewal Gatherings; GTN provides opportunities for service or outreach through the local church or a nearby YWAM base. This is not a 'marriage of ministries,' but rather we are a partnership of friends who have common goals and want to cooperate in all that we do.


A note from Darlene Cunningham . . . The current movie that our son David is directing, "The Seeker ˆ The Dark is Rising" (, will open in the US on October 5 (in Australia on September 28). I would like to invite/request that you and anyone/everyone you know goes to see it ON OPENING NIGHT in order to fuel the marketing campaign.

The movie is about a 14 year-old boy who discovers that he must save the world from the rising Dark by finding 6 signs hidden throughout time. It is a fun family film (rated PG) from Walden Media (Chronicles of Narnia) and 20th Century Fox. David says, "If you have kids that you felt uncomfortable taking to Harry Potter this is a safe alternative about light versus dark - and guess who wins?!"

Behind the scenes . . . the production of this movie has been as challenging as the title implies. It has truly been a battle between Light and dark.

***Mark Oct 5th on your calendar now. I plan to take my kids plus their kids. Ed


Singaporean Lois Ng, once a three-year YWAMer in Australia, has a great ministry going with what she calls a "motley group of 15 disabled people aged 15 ˆ 60." Pluckily, she contacted Singapore's founding father, 'Minister Mentor' Lee Kuan Yew, and asked him to endorse the product that she and her group were manufacturing. Incredibly he agreed to do something he had never done before - lend his name and likeness to appear on souvenir tiles which are now being marketed through Airport Duty Free Shops and other fine stores. Bravo Lois!

6. Renewal Gatherings - Times of Refreshing

Feb 24 - Mar 1, Kona - Speakers Dan Sneed & David Demian

Join us on the University of the Nations Kona Campus for two speakers you won't forget, an Island Breeze luau feast, a sunset beach picnic and an all-campus meeting; you'll stay at a nearby hotel and there's much, much more!
Write to Laurie Jordan-Worrall: for all the details.

Till next time, here's a parting thought:

A missionary is not necessarily someone who crosses the sea . . .
It is someone who sees the cross.

Many Blessings,


Feel free to use anything from 'eTouch,' in whole or in part, in any way that will glorify God and advance His Kingdom.