October 2009: Lone Ranger

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1. Sheep2Sheep ~ Lone Ranger

2. Profound & Pithy & Powerful

3. The Boutique ~ Letters, We Get Letters

4. Donna's Corner ~ Rest

5. Renewal Gatherings ~ 2010

1. Sheep2Sheep ~ The Lone Ranger

The real (but fictional) Lone Ranger burst into the new and fast-growing medium of TV in 1949 and quickly became a popular weekly series. The always-masked Lone Ranger was the brave and righteous upholder of frontier justice back in the days of the Wild West; his horse Silver was his constant companion along with Tonto, his faithful Apache sidekick. So he wasn't really alone in his pursuit of justice. "Hi-yo Silver, away!" was his cry as he jumped on his horse and rode away in a cloud of dust.

Legend has it that he was a 'Lone' Ranger because, even though left for dead, he alone, of six frontier lawmen, survived a deadly ambush by a bunch of crazed outlaws. Today he symbolizes ˆ if only by name ~ all the macho-ness of independence and 'going it alone' and not needing anyone else; his legend has surpassed the original fantasy; think Marlborough Man on steroids.

In my journey through life, I've noticed that today's lone rangers are more often than not, Lonely Rangers. It's hard for them to be close to anyone in relationships. They simply don't need anyone; or at least they won't admit it. That sort of need would surely be a sign of weakness. Their aloofness shields them from others coming too close. Emotions are hard to express; be tough, don't ever cry, that's for women and children and weak men. Be like the Lone Ranger, "Hi-yo Silver, away!" That too, is what lonely and emotionally undeveloped men say to themselves when people get too close, "Hi-yo me, let's get outta here!" (Reminds me of a scene from that old western movie, "She Wore A  Yellow Ribbon," in which a US Cavalry captain played by John Wayne drawls, "never apologize, it's a sign of weakness!" And I believed that for a long time.

Soon after our family joined YWAM, I came to a couple of realizations; perhaps they were 'revelations.' Donna, being the straight-up person that she is, would confront me on some issue that I needed to face up to, and my response was invariably to turn and run (well, not literally; I would just sulk and give her the silent treatment, thinking to myself, "There, that'll fix you.") And around that time it dawned on me that never once in all our married life together, had I ever said to her, "I need you." Because I didn't think I did.

You see, I felt that I was self-sufficient. Even before we were engaged I'd been able to say those three little words, "I love you." It was true, I did love her. But to say that I 'needed her' would be to admit that I wasn't complete in myself, that I was deficient in some area of my life, that I had a weakness. Deep down I felt I could do everything by myself; I could cook, I could wash and iron and even mend my clothes, I could fly a fighter jet, I could write a song, I could play several sports pretty well and blah, blah, blah.

Leaving home at age 11 to go to boarding school, contributed to all this. Kids need to be with their family until much later. Early on I developed an exterior of non-emotional toughness that said to anyone threatening to invade my space, "Don't come any closer." While imagining that made me free, in fact it was my self-imprisonment. I was all locked  up in a prison made by me. I was a Lonely Ranger.

And then I found the key that started the unlocking process. "The eye can't say to the hand, 'I don't need you.'" (1 Cor 12:21) Wow! I'm part of a body! We all know that a human body with certain physical or mental disorders, can't get it's parts to work together, is dysfunctional. In effect I was a dysfunctional appendage on the body of Christ. I was a Lone  Ranger. Somewhere out there.

Happily I can now say to Donna and others, "I need you." Independence is a tool that the devil uses to keep people (and peoples) apart. 'Inter'-dependence is what Paul emphasizes in 1 Corinthians 12:12-27.

Do you 'need' others? Can you say it? Or are you somewhere 'out there'?

Tell someone close to you that you need them.


Peter (aka 'Ed')

2. Profound & Pithy & Powerful

If you want honor, love, trust and respect, give them away.

God can't clean the 'house of you,' when you're still in it. (Anne Lamott)

Christians have finally found a way to be of the world but not in it. (Christianity Today, Sept 2009). Now that's scary.

Is obedience really better than sacrifice? (1 Sam 15:22) Think on these next three from David Demian . . .

You don't know what you've missed when you don't obey.

Don't live for the big things. The 'big thing' is obedience today.

Obedience is the highest level of worship that you can make in any day.

3. The Boutique ~ Letters, We Get Letters

I usually end up reading a bunch of eTouch all at once when I return from the sea; I am master of a 200 meter long ship carrying cargo to/from the Middle East, braving the pirates of the Gulf of Aden, sandstorms and all the other fun things it has to offer. Dad (Bill Mansfield), went to be with the Lord in January and I spread his ashes at sea.
Sea Ya, Capt John, AL
Thanks for providing my morning devotion today through e-Touch. When the Lord gives the feedback through the Word, the discomfort is fleeting and the freedom is permanent.
Sarah Lanier, GA
Sitting here crying tears of joy. What a beautiful story. We eloped five days after I graduated from High school when I was 17. A turning point in our lives was our Crossroads DTS in 1980. There we learned about having a true relationship with God and each other. Also learned to be transparent and live being open and broken. These principles changed our lives. We became truly close and quit playing the games we learned to play while being a military family for 32 years. Mary Ann, AZ
I agree that young people shouldn't wait too long for marriage. (I was 33, but that's another story.) It's best to have some sort of career preparation under your belt before you pop the question. That said, we have gone way too far to the other extreme in our North American culture. Thanks for your article encouraging young romance and family building. Pastor Karl Anderson, MN
Thanks for this great testimony about your marriage. For years, I, too was an advocate for the delaying of marriage. So many people who wait though, make bad choices and fall into sins that have life-altering consequences. I've been preaching from 1 Cor 7 for a couple weeks now and your counsel is so wise. This Sunday it's a message for singles and I'll use your material. Allen Kemp, NY
You certainly got a cute puppy, Peter! Thanks for your thoughts on earlier marriage. Jannie Rogers, TX
I got a fantastic laugh (and food for thought!) out of your story. This was the perfect read to get started into this day. Rosy Wendler, Switzerland
I really enjoyed reading your love story with Donna. I was waiting for you to end it with something like, 'And after __ years, we are still very much in love.' Diane Williams, CA [Didn't you already know, Diane?]

***If you want to read the love story (referred to in the above letters), you'll find the unexpurgated version at: http://www.ywamassociates.com/ ~ Click on News ~ 'A Marriage Waiting to Happen.'
Jan Kinne Conway has written a book about her late husband Dr Doug Kinne, who was for many years active in UofN's College of Counseling & Healthcare. What's the takeaway? "You might not have the time left you think ~ so follow the call of God now."
To view the cover: http://www.imprbooks.com/shop/pc/viewPrd.asp?idcategory=&idproduct=1454[1]

3. Donna's Corner ~ Rest

Dear Family,

Maybe you're like me and have had the flu and it's turned into a bronchial condition. And like me you've received many prayers and lots of encouragement through Facebook as well as in other ways and the advice is, "Get rest!" Peter has been saying to me, "Stop thinking and rest!" My kids say the same thing, "Mom, you have to rest."

And God too has been saying to me, "Enter into My REST." One of the dictionary's definitions of rest is, "To be at ease, to have tranquility or peace." In Exodus 33:14 God said to Moses, "My presence will go with you and I will give you REST." Jesus said, "Come to Me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you REST."

Now picture this with the eyes of your heart . . . "He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will REST in the shadow of the Almighty; He will cover you with feathers and under His wings you will find refuge." (Psalm 91:1) And then in Psalm 63:7, "Because you are my help, I sing in the shadow of your wings." Isn't that beautiful?

I believe that as we approach the days ahead, we as God's people need to learn in a deeper way what it is to REST in His presence. Time is accelerating, fears are increasing, disease is spreading and creation is groaning. Jesus is saying, "Come to Me, enter into My REST, I will give you peace beyond your understanding, listen to Me. Relying on My love takes away all fear. I will daily carry your burdens if you will give them to Me. Don't be anxious about anything but pray without ceasing. Seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness and everything else will be given to you."

I'm learning.

It's all about 'doing it,' not 'just saying it.' We must listen to His voice, not to the voice of others, not to the enemy's voice; and not to our own thinking. And then having the REST of faith in what He says. Plus learning to 'be still' and knowing that He is God then . . . 'He will be exalted among the nations . . . and in the earth.' (Psalm 46:10)

I'm hiding under His wing! Are you?

Love and Blessings,


4. Renewal Gatherings ~ 2010

*May 31-June 5: YWAM Hurlach (near Munich), Germany with Donna Jordan, "Listening to God"
*July: Norway with David Demian of Watchmen for the Nations, Canada (dates & location being worked on)
*August 8-14: YWAM Le Gault la Forêt (Champagne region of France) with Daniel Schaerer
*August 22-28: Jura Montains, Switzerland with Al & Carolyn Akimoff

For the latest, go to the gallery section of www.ywamassociateseurope.com for photos of this past summer's European camps (including the first one in Israel). While you're there, click on Contact and ask Roy Jones for more info about 2010 Camps.

Then, in November 2010, let's all celebrate the first 50 years of YWAM; what better place than Hawaii? It's not too early to start praying and planning!

*Nov 21-25: Kona, YWAM Associates International Gathering
*Nov 29-Dec 4: YWAM's final 2010 50th Anniversary Celebration

Plan to come for one or both events. More details next time.

And finally,

People don't get the friends they want; they get the friends they are.

Many Blessings,


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